1999 Embedded Market Survey

January 01, 1999

Susan Rambo-January 01, 1999

For the history buffs: here is a PDF of the 1999 Embedded Market Survey, produced by Embedded Systems Programming magazine, the Embedded Systems Conference, and Click here to see the PDF. If you have not registered on the site yet, you'll need to register and log in to access the PDF. Registration is free and will help keep in business. Also, registering on means we'll send you the email invitation to the annual Embedded Market Survey so you, too, may participate in the study, if you are an embedded systems designer/developer/engineer.

Enjoy the early PowerPoint graphics.

Included is data on:
• Programming languages & host operating systems
• MCUs/embedded MPUs
• DSPs
• Memories
• Software protocols/stacks
• Web products/tools
• In-circuit emulators
• Logic analyzers
• Oscilloscopes
• Device programmers
• RTOSes/kernels
• Compilers
• Software debuggers
• Software configuration management tools
• Single board computers
• Intellectual property
• HW/SW co-design
• Embedded systems work environments (seems to be missing from the final presentation)

Susan Rambo

Susan Rambo is the managing editor of the former
Embedded Systems Design magazine and You may contact her at

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