Character and string literals

October 01, 2000

Dan_Saks-October 01, 2000

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Dan Saks

C and C++ provide several different kinds of literals: integer literals such as 10 and 0x1C, floating literals such as 1.0 and 6.022e+23, character literals such as 'a' and '\x10', and string literals
such as "ouch!" and "\n". Last month, I examined the integer and floating literals.1 This month, I’ll look
• Integer literals in C can have long long integer types. C++ does not have long long integer types.
• C permits floating literals in hexadecimal form. C++ does not.

Aside from these added capabilities of C, numeric literals are the same in C++ as they are in C.

Not surprisingly, character and string literals are also very similar in C and C++. Click here to download a PDF of full article.

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