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Electronics leads the drive for patents in the UK


LONDON, England — Electronics companies dominate the UK Patent Office's list of top 5 patent applicants according to its Facts and Figures Booklet for 2003. Granted patents in the UK leapt over 12% on 2002.

Four of the top 5 patentees are in the electronics sector and one in the oil market. The number one slot went to NEC which was granted 209 patents, up from 188 grants the previous year. All of the companies in the top 5 had more patents granted in comparison to 2002.

Hewlett Packard gained 196, Samsung 177 and IBM just being piped for fourth place with 171 by Schlumberger with 172.

The total number of patents granted in the UK also rose last year. In 2003 the UK Patent Office granted 9,761 patents compared to 8,693 in 2002.

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