IBM licenses Jennic ATM technology

March 24, 2003

colin.holland-March 24, 2003

IBM licenses Jennic ATM technology
Sheffield, UK -- IBM has signed a license agreement for Jennic ATM IP and plans to provide Jennic's cores as part of its ASIC library for use in a broad range of network access, edge, and core applications including wireless infrastructure equipment. Jennic also plans to provide services to IBM and its customers for any necessary customization to the Jennic IP.

The agreement covers Jennic's range of ATM cores including its AAL5 SAR (segmentation and reassembly engine), AAL1/2 coprocessors, and software device drivers. The cores are being specifically tuned to IBM technology, including the use of the Core Connect bus interface allowing a PowerPC processor subsystem, such as a control plane processor, to be developed.

Jennic has been a member of IBM's Blue Logic program since shortly after its inception and over the past years has completed several customer projects using IBM's processes.

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