Xilinx extends Zynq RFSoC UltraScale+ devices

February 26, 2019

steve.taranovich-February 26, 2019

Xilinx has annnounced its enhanced Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC featuring improvements over their GEN 1 Zynq solution (See Xilinx fires a 5G solution shot across the bow of RF and data converter companies). This solution will further enable 5G deployment with this flexible, multiband radio. The following figure illustrates the family generational advances. 

Figure 1 Zynq Gen 1 and roadmap for Gen 2 and Gen 3 (Image courtesy of Xilinx)

GEN 2 enhancements offers improved RF input performance to 5GHz for a 16×16 configuration and scalability from the base portfolio 16×16 solution. There are engineering samples available right now with production planned for June 2019 to meet China and Japan needs in 2020.

Figure 2
RFSoC GEN 2 with up to 6 GHz of RF sampling (Image courtesy of Xilinx)

Coming in 2020, GEN 3 will feature extended RF performance including a full sub-6 GHz Direct-RF performance at 14 bits; a 20% power reduction in RF-DC for the TDD use case; and extended mmWave interfacing. The improvements over Gen 2 include increased ADC sample rate at 5 Gsps and DAC at 10 Gsps. The new generation will offer a reduced BOM, lower system cost, and simplified design with greater flexibility. Samples will be available in 2Q2019 with production in 3Q 2020.

For more information, visit the Xilinx website.

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