RTOS adds configurability options

May 09, 2016

Susan Nordyk-May 09, 2016

DAPL 3000, a multitasking real-time operating system for Microstar’s xDAP family of data-acquisition subsystems, now incorporates configurable multichannel digital filtering. With the new extensions, the software can digitize multiple channels simultaneously, processed concurrently using a single configured task. This allows the transfer of digitally filtered, completely preprocessed data directly to application software without the need for any additional software libraries or environments.

Engineers can use the Filter Designer in the Development Studio for DAPL to interactively design the xDAP system filters. Controls adjust filter cutoff locations and transition shapes. After each adjustment, settings can be applied to live data. The filtered data stream can be superimposed on the original signal data for comparison until the best results are obtained.

Continue reading on Embedded's sister site, EDN: "Microstar updates data-acquisition OS."


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