Low-leakage battery protection IC targets wearables, IoT

January 22, 2018

Susan Nordyk-January 22, 2018

The GLF73510 protection IC from GLF Integrated Power virtually eliminates wearable and IoT device battery discharge during standby or deep-sleep modes. The part consumes ultra-low leakage current of 2 nA typical at 1.1 V, as much as 1000 times less than other manufacturers’ chips commonly used in this application, according to GLF.

The GLF73510 has an input voltage range of 1.1 V to 5.5 V and a maximum output current of 2 A. Quiescent current is just 0.5 µA typical at 3.6 VBAT. Other specifications include a leakage current of 6 nA typical at 3.6 V and on-resistance of 30 mΩ typical at 3.6 V. 

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