Mobile wallet solution targets wearables, IoT

June 12, 2018

nitind-June 12, 2018

LONDON — One of the ongoing challenges for device manufacturers is how to move up the value chain and offer system-level solutions that can add more value. Addressing the mobile wallet ecosystem, NXP Semiconductors has developed an end-to-end hardware and software solution for OEMs looking to add mobile payment capability to wearable, mobile, or IoT devices.

German high-end luxury goods manufacturer Montblanc is set to use NXP’s new solution, mWallet 2Go, in a smartwatch strap.

Developed in collaboration with Mastercard and Visa, mWallet 2Go comprises NXP’s near-field communications (NFC), secure element (SE), NFC middleware, SE JavaCard operating system, SE applets, secure element management service (SEMS), wallet application and software developer kit (SDK), wallet server, and Mastercard digital enablement service (MDES) and Visa token service (VTS) tokenization platforms. This entire system enables OEMs to develop a pre-certified and validated turnkey solution. Mastercard had already teamed up with NXP to develop a “loader service,” an applet and client accessible to developers looking to deploy secure NFC payments.

Charles Dachs, NXP’s vice and general manager of secure embedded transactions, told EE Times that NXP’s SEMS was most recently adopted by Garmin to help deploy Garmin Pay in their products without compromising on security.

“Both Visa and Mastercard have embedded SEMS in their tokenization platforms,” said Dachs. “mWallet 2GO integrates full SEMS capabilities. This is how the payment service connects to Mastercard’s and Visa’s ecosystem.”

Source: NXP
Source: NXP

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