12-bit ADC offers 10.25 Gsamples/s

June 04, 2018

Susan Nordyk-June 04, 2018

A 12-bit RF/instrumentation ADC, the AD9213 from Analog Devices samples wide-bandwidth analog signals up to 6.5 GHz at 10.25 Gsamples/s, two and a half times that of similar devices, according to the manufacturer. he converter affords greater flexibility and the ability to process larger sections of spectrum in electronic surveillance and countermeasure applications, as well as increased resolution and longer range in radar designs.

A 16-lane JESD204B interface with lane rates of up to 16 Gbps supports the AD9213’s maximum bandwidth capability. The ADC core features a multistage, differential pipelined architecture with integrated output error-correction logic. A programmable threshold detector allows monitoring of the signal power in the digital backend of the ADC, while an integrated 0.5 V voltage reference eases design considerations.

At 10 Gsamples/s, the AD9213 analog-to-digital converter consumes just 5.1 W. Other specifications include a noise spectral density of 154 dBFS/Hz and spurious-free dynamic range of 68 dBc (1 GHz, -1 dBFS).

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