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Eleksen ready to license smart fabric keyboard designs


LONDON — Eleksen is to license reference designs of its Bluetooth smart fabric keyboard for smartphones, PDAs and handheld devices. The reference designs are suitable for OEMs and ODMs who are interested in designing or manufacturing smart fabric keyboard interfaces forportable and mobile computing devices for consumer and industrial purposes.

An ElekTex keyboard Reference Design provide manufacturers and designers with a flexible and durable interface for high value accessories. It includes sensor designs that support full laptop size input, all required electronics designs including the design for the Eleksen Bluetooth module and USB connection options, plastics designs and a suite of drivers suitable for connection to smart phones and Microsoft Windows based smartphones, PDAs and handheld devices. The keyboard designs can be licensed for use with any operating system and an API is available for developers looking to support additional device types.

Weighing less than 68gm (without batteries) the standard ElekTex keyboard design can be rolled up when not in use to fit in a pocket or handbag. The design can be scaled to support different keypad sizes and to support a range of covering materials from 100% fabric solutions to more tactile solutions supporting highly flexible short travel keypad options and differing portability options. The laptop-sized ElekTex fabric keyboard should enable consumers to type longer documents on their phones and handheld devices.

Andrew Newman, Product Manager for the keyboard, said, “Opening up the ElekTex keyboard design to OEMs and ODMs for technology licensing affirms our interest in developing product design to the next stage of evolution with smart fabric touchpad designs more accessible to a wide selection of consumer electronics focused businesses.”

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