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Elektrobit signs three partners for Asian expansion


LONDON — Elektrobit Corp has signed up three distributors to supply its Autosar products in Asia.

Elektrobit (Oulunsalo, Finland) has developed the Tresos integrated universal and upgradeable solution for the development of Autosar conformant control devices. It consists essentially of two parts: the control device software and the configuration, generation and analysis tools.

It has signed up MDS Technology Co. Ltd. (Korea ), AutoSoft Technologies Co. Ltd. (China), and Embedded Software Development Systems Pvt. Ltd. (India), and these will be supported by Elektrobit branch office in Tokyo which will provide technical and sales support.

“We are already active as an Autosar evaluation partner in the JasPar consortium. Through our new partner, following Japan, Korea, and China, we are now present in India as well and can reach the entire Asian market quickly and directly,” said Dirk Diekhoff, senior manager of international business development.

Elektrobit is a member of the Japan Automotive Software Platform Architecture (JasPar), a consortium of the Japanese automotive industry concerned with the introduction of international standards, such as FlexRay and Autosar, in Japan.

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