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element14 launches Atmel SAMA5D4 Xplained board


element14 has launched the Atmel Xplained SAMA5D4-XULT board, featuring an ARM Cortex-A5 microprocessor. This development kit allows users to evaluate, prototype and create high performance, application-specific designs. The SAMA5D4-XULT includes 4Gb DDR2 external memory, one Ethernet physical layer transceiver, two SD/MMC interfaces, two host USB ports and one device USB port, one 24-bit RGB LCD and HDMI interface and debug interfaces.

The 720p video decoder and playback at 30fps alongside the LCD controller with graphics accelerator are targeted for consumer and industrial designs, including terminals and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The SAMA5D4-XULT leverages the advanced security features found on the board's microprocessor, including ARM Trust Zone, secure boot, encrypted DDR bus, tamper detection pins and secure data storage.

Seven headers, compatible with Arduino R3 (Uno, Due) and two Xplained headers are available for various shield connections.

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