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element14 launches new ARM-based development kit

London, England – Premier Farnell’s online element14 eCommunity for electronic design engineers has just made available the DM3730 ARM-based development kit.

It was developed to provide a complete embedded development system that accelerates time to market for media-rich, portable applications. The kit incorporates an ARM-based TI DaVinci digital media processor tailored for digital audio, video, imaging, and vision applications.

It includes a general purpose processor, video accelerators, and C64 DSP, and is tailored for a range of applications like Portable Data Terminals, Navigation, Auto Infotainment, Gaming, Medical Imaging, Home Automation, Human Interface, Test and Measurement and Industrial Control.

The kit, available via element14 at a promotional price while supplies last, provides easy access to ARM Cortex-A8 Core based MCU design, enabling engineers to design their applications with high quality graphics and video apps with low power consumption.

The kit is supported by multiple hardware peripherals including LCD touch screen interface and works with Android, Microsoft Windows CE and Linux operating systems.

To learn more, go to www.element14.com/.

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