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Elixent and Toshiba deal on SoC


Elixent, based in Bristol, UK, has agreed with Toshiba to jointly develop a platform system-on-chip (SoC) that integrates its D-Fabrix reconfigurable algorithm-processing array with Toshiba's MeP configurable processor core. This SoC will be used as a reconfigurable evaluation and development platform by both companies.

The D-Fabrix array will be used to accelerate algorithm processing and provide dynamic reconfigurability within the platform. The resulting platform SoC will be suitable for the implementation of a range of consumer applications.

Elixent's D-Fabrix RAP platform implements algorithms in “Virtual Hardware,” allowing the creation of a hardware accelerator for every algorithm in a system. By virtue of reconfigurability, it can implement multiple hardware accelerators in the same silicon area, giving high silicon utilisation.

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