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Elliptic’s tRoot delivers secure identification and authentication for connected devices


Elliptic Technologies has unveiled tRoot , a future-proof secure hardware root of trust technology targeting the increasing security challenges in the Internet of Things (IoT). Elliptic’s tRoot is a highly-secure foundation of trust that enables connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment for further revenue opportunities.

Elliptic’s tRoot has a unique architecture with the ability to effectively adjust to future security requirements and standards, and enable personalization of features, services and environments to create business growth and monetization in the exploding IoT market. For example, device manufacturers or operators can enable tRoot’s additional security features without additional cost, making it easier to confront complex and ever-changing IoT threats – ranging from theft and tampering to physical threats like side-channel attacks and malware. With a robust and scalable hardware root of trust that includes secure key provisioning and management; firmware integrity assurance; secure updates, renewability, in-the-field provisioning, tRoot can enable cloud-based services that extends into multiple markets.

Elliptic’s tRoot field-proven hardware root of trust is part of a full IoT solution portfolio that includes a combination of software and hardware solutions to address many different industries and markets such as: industrial, automotive, digital home, banking and payments, content protection, wearables and healthcare.

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