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Elma: portable development platform enables collaboration and resource sharing within design teams

With a full set of development capabilities and an easily transportable design, Elma’s new D-Frame OpenVPX Development Chassis enables engineers to not only build and deploy embedded applications quicker, but collaborate and share resources as well. The new system platform can be used for design and demonstration activities, such as board design, application development, data flow analysis and troubleshooting, in a number of defense and rugged industrial environments.

Aligned with the Department of Defense’s tri-service convergence initiative, the D-Frame Development System enables engineering teams to share knowledge and capabilities.  As SOSA and CMOSS become more widespread, the need for faster application development and collaboration among multiple departments will grow.

The versatile system can accommodate multiple board counts in both 3U and 6U form factors, enabling developers to incorporate different backplanes from Elma’s broad product line, several of which are OpenVPX-based and align with CMOSS requirements and the emerging SOSA standard.

Developers can also enhance system functionality through Elma’s extensive industry partnerships, which provide access to vendors of high-performance single board computers, network switches and FPGA processing as well as storage and network timing cards. The system features front and rear card guides, with optional conduction-cooled card guides as well as three fans that provide side-to-side airflow and an external 12V AC/DC power supply, with alternate power options available.

Housed in a professional-looking, briefcase-style chassis, the new system features a convenient carrying handle. This makes for easy transportation, enabling engineers to bring their technology to different locations for testing, demonstration or other development opportunities. Rubber feet on the chassis’ bottom ensure secure placement for use in a desktop environment.

The new VPX demonstrator chassis incorporates a hinged, clear top lid that simplifies access to probing cards and rear transmission modules, while enabling easy viewing of internal electronics. 

With its experience in designing for harsh environment applications, Elma built the D-Frame Development Platform to meet a wide range of rugged, mobile, environmental and MIL-STD requirements. All units are supplied assembled, wired and tested.  Systems can be developed for conduction-, convection- or liquid-cooled enclosures as well as for ATR and small form factor (SFF) platforms. Although it’s OpenVPX-based, the new development platform can be configured to accommodate CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial and VME boards.

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