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Elma’s newest E-Frame system provides open access for easy probing and debugging


Elma Electronic has expanded its line of E-Frame test and development platforms to include a 3U CompactPCI Serial-based system designed for high-speed data processing.  The platform features a 9-slot backplane comprised of one system slot and eight peripheral slots, with Ethernet routed as full mesh.  It is ideal for developing cPCI Serial-based applications for use in railway, defense and other mobile and rugged applications.

The open, intuitive design of the Type 39 E-Frame chassis enables easy access to boards and components. This facilitates probing and debugging of a system and its components during integrated testing and application development. With verified testing methods completed, system designers can implement final applications more quickly.

The front panel features two voltage test points as well as an on/off and reset switch and a 12V LED indicator.  An ample, low-cost 300W ATX power supply delivers power to the nine-slot backplane. With a compact structure and convenient carrying handle, the 9-slot 3U cPCI Serial E-Frame system can be used in lab or desktop environments.

Optimal cooling is also inherent in the design.  The platform comes with a removable front fan tray that features dual 140 cfm fans as well as three 55 cfm fans in the rear to cool the rear transition modules (RTMs).  A 75W power supply is dedicated to powering the fans, and perforated rear panels ensure proper air intake and exhaust.

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