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Embed-X is a comprehensive embedded application lifecycle management tool

LDRA and Visure Solutions have announced the release of Embed-X, which according to the developers, is the first end-to-end application lifecycle management (ALM) system for the embedded space. Like other ALM solutions, Embed-X merges product requirements, business objectives, and metrics in a uniform actionable perspective. However, Embed-X also delivers these ALM objectives with full certification support for DO-178B/C and other critical development standards.

Accelerating software complexity has created a multi-headed challenge for software developers. The criticality, complexity, and volume of software have ballooned, creating an exponential increase in software risk. To enable companies to cope with the unaffordable cost factors systemic in current development processes, Embed-X can streamline software development to potentially deliver 50% cost savings. This industry-first embedded application lifecycle management for critical systems coordinates software engineering by integrating project management, requirements management, architecture, coding, software configuration management and testing. ALM tools automate and enforce processes between the stages of development, manage relationships between assets used or produced by the software, and offer transparency and metrics through reports on development as it progresses.

A target license package is available that incorporates customization and training. Common interfaces seamlessly link the various stages of Embed-X to provide a uniform product GUI. Now, instead of dealing with individual tools for project planning, requirements engineering, change management, product and certification documentation, and verification, these activities are synchronized by Embed-X across a network of collaborative users.

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