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Embedded.com Special Focus: ESC Silicon Valley (4-27-11)

Embedded Newsletter for 4/27/11

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April 27, 2011

Special Focus – ESC Silicon Valley


Mars ate my spacecraft!

Adopting C programming conventions

Agile embedded software development

ESC live broadcasting schedule

Apple co-founder Wozniak headlines ESC-Silicon Valley

Conference Director's Note

Ron Wilson Ron Wilson
Editorial Director
Embedded.com, ESD, ESC, EDN, DesignLines


Nobody wants to design an embedded system that fails. But the cost of failure varies greatly across the embedded landscape. A universal TV remote that misses a few commands might be an acceptable product. As electronic systems become more and more autonomous, however, a bug can lead to tragic misbehavior by a car, a chemical plant, or a jumbo jet. Sometimes the cost of error is simply unacceptable.

The dawn of the age of cyber-crime and cyber-warfare has shown an ugly new light on this question of reliability. Yesterday, perhaps, it was sufficient that an embedded system function correctly when operating unmolested and with valid inputs. Tomorrow may demand that the system function safely under attack by ingenious malware.

Reliability in this new world demands rigor at every stage of the development process, from requirements definition through coding and test. This theme runs through many of the conference tracks at Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley next week. We have pointed out some of the highlights in the session profiles below, ranging from case studies of disasters to formalizing best practices to reexamining the whole methodology of code development.

If you can attend ESC, please do so. Even if you can’t be there in person, please join in the embedded community’s discussion on this topic, on embedded.com and other forums. This issue really is mission-critical. 

—Ron Wilson

Thursday April 28th is the last day to sign up for classes. Sign up today with this promo code: Susan30 and get a 30% discount.

Conference Papers

Mars ate my spacecraft!

Fun with failure: The spectacular failures of others are spectacular lessons for engineers. Jack Ganssle recounts the riveting lore of engineering failures.

Adopting C programming conventions

This ESC paper discusses some common problems found in a lot of code and suggests strategies for avoiding them.

Agile embedded software development

Developers flee engineering for marketing and management. Why? Big processes are not delivering, and neither is coding chaos. This author says Agile helps address the problems of late projects, high defect levels, and stressed teams.

Multicore Expo Conference Papers

Recently posted Multicore Expo conference papers. Each paper is associated with a class at the upcoming Multicore Expo, May 2–5, 2011

Analyzing multithreaded applications—Identifying performance bottlenecks on multicore systems
Using trace to solve the multicore system debug problem
Trip over threads to trap multicore bugs
Non-intrusive debug and performance optimization for multicore systems
Challenges of safety-critical multi-core systems

ESC on streaming video

If you can't make every day of Embedded Systems Conference Silicon Valley (or you can't make it at all), stay on top of the event by watching our live programming online. From Tuesday May 3 to Thursday May 5, EE Times will provide live-streaming broadcast segments from the show floor on our UStream channel . Here’s a link to the latest broadcast schedule.

ESC Silicon Valley May 2–5 2011

Spring is here and ESC Silicon Valley 2011 opens just five weeks from today, on Monday, May 2, 2011, at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. This year's event promises to be both entertaining and educational, with a keynote by Apple co-founder (and self-proclaimed embedded systems designer) Steve Wozniak as well as technical training from these popular speakers:

Jack Ganssle on Managing Firmware Projects and Mars Ate My Spacecraft

W illiam Gatliff jumpstarts Android and Embedded Linux

James Grenning demonstrates Agile and Test Driven Development

Dan Saks debunks C++ Myths and shows how to Refactor C into C++

Check out the full program.

This year ESC is also co-located with the Multicore Expo and TI Technology Day .

Thursday April 28 is the last day to register. Readers of this email get 30% off.
Use Promo Code: Susan30 to get access to last minute discount.

Register here.

Invite your colleagues! Group discounts are available.

ESC Silicon Valley 2011 Class Tracks

Architecture design
Best practices
Challenges & solutions in embedded designs
Connectivity and security
Debugging and optimizing
Design and test
DSP, communications & control design
HMI and multimedia
HW and platform design
Linux/Android/open source
Managing and process
MCUs in embedded designs
Memory in embedded systems
Multicore debug
Powering embedded designs
Programming for storage, I/O & networking
Programming languages and techniques
Programmable logic in embedded designs
Quality design & intellectual property
Reliability, security and performance
Remote monitoring and wireless networking
RTOS and real-time software
Safety design
Software Processes and Tools
Software Design
Systems architecture
Windows for embedded


TI unleashes multicore-capable TMS320C6671 DSP

TI's newest TMS320C66xx device transitions developers from fixed-and floating-point single core to multicore capability with pin and software compatibility.

One-box emulator targets LTE

Spirent Communications has introduced the VR5 HD Spatial Channel Emulator for testing MIMO-based wireless base stations and mobile devices.

News & Analysis

Apple co-founder Wozniak headlines ESC-Silicon Valley

Steve Wozniak remains busy on the talk circuit with a “fireside chat” after his keynote at the Embedded Systems Conference in May, followed by a keynote at the Design Automation Conference in June.

Rex skeleton to decode the past, embed the future at ESC

Plan to meet up with “Samson,” the 66-million-year-old dinosaur skeleton discovered in South Dakota in 1987, at next-month's Embedded Systems Conference.

KaiSemi to showcase automated FPGA-to-ASIC flow at ESC Silicon Valley

At the forthcoming ESC Silicon Valley, KaiSemi is set to showcase its innovative IP synthesis tool that automatically converts any FPGA netlist directly to ASIC netlist with the push of a button.

Mellanox rolls 40G Ethernet switch

Mellanox leapfrogged Broadcom and Marvell by sampling a switch chip supporting up to 36 40 Gbit/second Ethernet or 56 Gbit/s Infiniband ports.


ESC live broadcasting schedule

A schedule of EE Times live-streaming broadcast interviews, May 3-5, 2011, from San Jose, Calif.

Ten million lines in 29 months: model-driven development on the Chevy Volt

IBM VP Meg Selfe describes the model-driven development that created the Chevy Volt.

New CHM exhibit charts course of computing

Take a break from ESC and see the Computer History Museum's new exhibit on computing: Revolution fits 2000 years of computing into one show.

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