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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (1-11-10): Embedding Databases



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If you look under the hood of any connected embedded consumer or mobiledevice, in addition to the OS you will find a variety of middlewareapplications. One of the most important and most ubiquitous of these isthe embedded database, used to manage and direct the data streaming toand from the devices to other Internet-connected locations.

At the 2010 CES this week, in-memoryembedded databases could be seen at work in DVD/Blu-ray videoplayers (MDD Systems); ST Microelectronics (flat paneldisplays); JVC (portable audioplayers and boom boxes); and settop boxes (DirectTV).

To help you evaluate whether or not you need to incorporate adatabase into your embedded design, here's some recent design articleson such topics as designingdatacentric software, networkperformance analysis; IPv6 gatewayservices; settop boxprogram management; building amobile JavaME midlet; local devicesearch; synchingmobile device data bases; and the pros and consof object oriented vs relational DBMS in embedded apps.

I've also included links to some recent embedded database productsfrom McObject,Pebblebay,Birdstep,Empress,ITTIA, Enea and FFE Software.Good reading!! (Embedded.com EditorBernard Cole, bccole@acm.org. )

  EDITOR'S TOP PICKS by Bernard Cole, Embedded.com Editor
No operating system is an island
For mission-critical networking applications, an embedded database management system is a nice thing to have. Learn how one company used an embedded DBMS to optimize its operating system for web application delivery over the Internet.
Building a network performance analysis test system with Linux, Tcl/TK, SQL & extremeDB
Here's how a test system for network performance analysis and emulation of virtually any network traffic scenario was developed using a combination of the Linux OS, the Tcl/Tk scripting language, the eXtremeDB in-memory embedded database and an open source, SQL-based relational database.
  PRODUCT FOCUS: Embedded Databases
McObject unveils new version of its embedded real time database system
Version 4.0 of McObject's eXtremeDB includes additional support for multicore platforms
Perst 4.0 embedded database adds tools for Java ME, Android, EclipseME
Persistence now extends to objects created by other programs
Pebble Bay Ports SQLite Database Engine To Green Hills RTOS
First commercial implementation of popular open source database on INTEGRITY RTOS
Birdstep Technology intros RDM Embedded 9.1 & RDM Server 8.2
Birdstep Technology Inc.'s Raima Division announced the dual release of its Raima Database Manager Products, RDM Embedded version 9.1 and RDM Server version 8.2.
Embedded Database is integrated on QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.4.0
Empress Software's new database is high performance and zero maintenance
ITTIA embedded RDBMS speeds i.MX processors in consumer apps
DB-SQL/i.MX combo enhances productivity and reduces cost of development
Enea Adds Fault Tolerance to Polyhedra embedded RDBMS
The updated flash-based, embedded real-time RDBMS features full redundancy, instant failover, and hot upgrades.
FirstSQL/J Embedded Mobile 3.20
FFE Software's full featured Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) supports JME and suitable for other embedded configurations.
  DESIGN ARTICLES: Embedding Data Management
Developing an object-oriented database for J2ME-based embedded devices
The open source Perst Lite embedded DBMS provides to developers of J2ME apps in mobile phones, PDAs and set-top boxes such benefits as transaction support, and optimized algorithms.
Hybrid Data Management Gets Traction in Set-Top Boxes
Here's how DIRECTV programmers used McObject's eXtremeDB Fusion to build a hybrid database to store program information , with some data written to disk and other data managed in memory.
Porting a Java ME Midlet Between Blackberry and Nokia S40 and S60 Devices
How Konstantin Knizhnik developed an open source Perst Lite object oriented database midlet for a mobile device using the Java ME MIDP (Mobile Information Device Profile) specification.
Using an embedded database to simplify device data replication and synchronization
In this tutorial, Rick Grehan outlines the step-by-step process of creation of a mobile database for synchronizing with a remote master database with detailed examples and downloadable code.
Local Device Search – The next embedded consumer killer app?
Malcolm Colton talks about the need for device-level search, with examples of search-enabled device applications and how to integrate a data manager into a device application.
The proper care and feeding of object databases in embedded systems
dB4Objects enthusiast Rick Grehan discusses the pros and cons of object-oriented and relational database management systems in embedded applications
How to add relational database search to your embedded device application
Relational Database management programs are now finding use in embedded form on a variety of wired and wirelessly connected consumer devices. Here are the basics of RDBMs and how they might apply to your device application.
Toward 1 billion IPv6 searches per second
The ability of an Internet Protocol network to provide high-performance search results is being stressed by several factors, including the massive deployment of wireless devices, each with its own IP address, which require ever-larger lookup tables.
Data Management
Programs have been described as collections of algorithms and data structures. But in firmware we tend to cobble up our own data management code all the time.
New this year at ESC Silicon Valley 2010, we've added a second Build Your Own Embedded System (BYOES) track. If you register to attend you get a multi-core board with classes to program it. Then, at a second set of classes, attendees get a Freescale Tower system.

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