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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (1-4-10): Consumer Video



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The Winter Consumer Electronics Show starting in Las Vegas this weekwill showcase not only the newest consumer electronics devices andsystems, it will also highlight the many design challenges to be facedin meeting the increasingly tight cost, power, performance, and sizeconstraints that the market demands.

Here's a round-up of some of the CES Preview articles that we haverun so far: 3DTV, In Vehicle Infotainment,smartbooks and eBooks, connected deviceapplications and services, and wireless homevideo.

Complementing these are design articles addressing the challengesof designing for video to meet today's demanding technologicalrequirements for smaller, faster, cheaper, and power economicaldevices. Topics include optimizing videoencoding using threads , improvinginternet video QoE, testing HDMI ,imaging stabilizationin digital cameras , HD content protection, mobile TV, and realtime video delivery . Good Reading! (Embedded.com Editor Bernard Cole,bccole@acm.org )

What to expect at CES 2010
In a video preview of the Consumer Electronics Show, editor-at-large Rick Merritt shares his thoughts about what to look for at CES this week including analysis of 3DTV, e-books, smartbooks and wireless video.
Incomplete 3DTV products in CES spotlight
The HDMI standard is getting an update to support broadcast stereo 3D content on new and existing links, one of many pieces of the puzzle still being put in place for the roll pout of 3DTV which will be a major focus at the Consumer Electronics Show.
PC, not TV chips are focus for Intel at CES
Intel Corp will announce 17 new processors at the Consumer Electronics Show including two 32 nm parts with graphics in a package with an x86, however it has no design wins to announce yet for its digital TV chips.
GENIVI Alliance to demonstrate first open source-based IVI platform at CES 2010
The GENIVI Alliance, an automotive industry association driving the development and adoption of an open in-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) reference platform, will be demonstrating the initial implementation of the GENIVI 1.0 platform in Las Vegas during International CES 2010, January 7th to 10th.
Chinese startup to show e-book entry at CES
A new entry into the e-book market called the Boox 60 from Onyx International will debut next week at the Consumer Electronics Show.
Get apps and services up to speed
Innovations will be abundant at the 2010 CES. But new twists on connected devices and applications/services will put many traditional CE vendors under tremendous pressure. Business-as-usual in 2010 won't be an option for many Japanese and Korean consumer companies.
A wireless O.K. Corral
Pre-CES is always a heady time in the wireless home video space, but never so much as this year, with wireless LAN, 60 GHz, ultrawideband, standard and non-standard multimedia distribution schemes vying for attention–and dollars.
Company cranks portable wireless audio at CES
Eleven Engineering Inc. will jump into the pool of providers of wireless audio streaming technology at the Consumer Electronics Show with a set of dongles and speakers using its proprietary 2.4 GHz technology.
Optimizing Video Encoding using Threads and Parallelism: Part 1 – Threading a video codec
In this two part series on optimizing the design of an H.264 video encoder using threads and parallelism, the authors illustrate how multithreading based on the OpenMP programming model is a simple, yet effective way to exploit parallelism that only requires a few additional pragmas in the serial code. Up first: Threading a video codec.
How to provide Internet Video Quality of Experience
Internet video quality of experience (QoE) is an all-encompassing term. This article addresses the issues involved, and shows how Internet video quality monitoring can be optimized, embedded, all while reducing cost.
Designing Serial ATA IP into your embedded storage device design
In designing the next generation terabyte level storage in many home electronics systems, serial ATA is the but interface of choice. But the quality,completeness and interoperability of this IP are key considerations when integrating it into an embedded SoC design.
PRODUCT HOW-TO: Dealing with the risks inherent in HDMI EDID testing
How to avoid the risks of traditional ad hoc random source and sink testing of HDMI's Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) protocol by going to a more systematic approach based on Audio Precision's APx analyzer to present metadata in a view like a logic analyzer.
Image stabilizers: Utilizing DSP for more advanced, scalable stabilization algorithms
How Human Monitoring's “Leonardo” image stabilization technology takes advantage of TI's DaVinci processor to bring high performance image stabilizing to mass-market cameras. A case study.
Updating the High Definition Content Protection Standard with Version 2.0
Al Hawtin provides a timely update to the High Definition Content Protection security standard which will shortly be supplemented by HDCP Revision 2.0 and how it will impact delivery over wireless connections.
Solving display challenges in mobile internet devices
This article discusses the market opportunity for low-cost consumer devices that provide users with Internet access and the requirement that such products offer a high-quality display to offer the same user experience as a laptop computer. The article will describe key display design requirements for MIDs and netbooks, selection of frame-buffer placement, display enhancements and reduction of power consumption through adaptive enhancements.
Understanding IEEE's new audio video bridging standards
A multiyear effort by the IEEE 802.1 Audio/Video Bridging Task Group is nearing completion on a series of enhancements to the legacy Ethernet standards. The enhancements will enable the delivery of time-synchronized, low-latency audio and video over Ethernet networks while retaining 100% compatibility with legacy Ethernet networks. Here's what it means to embedded systems designers.
Is it time to reconsider DisplayPort?
In light of HDMI's widespread emergence and popularity, why are more than 180 computer and consumer electronics companies–and counting–actively supporting DisplayPort, another audio/video interface standard
What you need to know about handsets for Mobile TV–Part V
Here is the final excerpt from Mobile TV: DVB-H, DMB, 3G Systems and Rich Media Applications. This multi-part series stems from Chapter 13–Handsets for Mobile TV and Multimedia Services, and this segment covers integrating phone features Wi-LAN and Bluetooth, and more.
A unified approach to on-demand real-time video delivery
Growing demand for media-rich, just-in-time content and an expanding universe of mobile devices capable of real-time viewing are placing great demands on networks. The challenge that network designers face is how to build a highly scalable, efficient and robust real-time content distribution network.
Five unsolicited tips to CE makers
EE Times offers five unsolicited tips for conventional CE vendors in a new CE era — when superior hardware specs alone won't help them gain market share or even assure their survival.
Why Johnny can't stand one-size-fits-all 3-D glasses
The CE industry always talks about offering “better experiences” via brighter, larger-screen flat-panel TVs or ever smaller mobile phones. If they really mean it, then, why are they forcing everyone to wear 3-D glasses which will be — for most people — an uncomfortable experience?

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