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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (11-10-14): Doing embedded systems design in Brazil


November 10, 2014

Doing embedded systems design in Brazil

A recent survey of embedded system design in Brazil indicates activity there is rising and commensurate with the fact that it is the sixth largest economy in the world. Reflective of that is the regular design content from Brazilian authors on Embedded.com.

A Cross-layer Approach to Trustfulness in the Internet of Things

A trustful infrastructure for the Internet of Things based on a second generation EPOSMote, which features an ARM processor and an IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceiver.

Routing IPv6 over Wireless Networks with Low-Memory Devices

Implementing an IPv6-based routing protocol over a wireless sensor network on an MSP430 with 7160 bytes of flash ROM and 370 bytes of RAM.

IEEE 1451 smart sensor: low cost, low power wireless case study

The development of a smart sensor based on the IEEE 1451 that has the ability to do self-configuration, self-calibration and self-identification when connected to the network.

Energy efficiency of multi-level parallelism on low power processors

A comparison of the use of multi-level parallelism on low-power architectures such as the Intel Atom and ARM Cortex-A9 in terms of performance, energy consumption and Energy Delay Product.

Stability control of a quad-rotor using a PID Controller

Design of a PID controller for an quad-rotor unmanned arial vehicle built around a high performance ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller.

Embedding a kinematic controller in an omnidirectional mobile robot

Design of a omnidirectional mobile robot controller network based on the ARM Cortex-M3-based PSoC5LP and an Mbed microcontroller based on the NXP LPC1768.

A virtual Honeypot framework for Android

Using a virtual framework called HoneypotLabSAC to generate virtual honeypots on Android mobile devices that emulates services on the operating system in order to track and identify hackers.

A Wireless Sensor and Actuator Network Gateway based on 6LoWPAN

The construction of a WSN gateway device that enables end-to-end connectivity between 6LoWPAN- based sensor nodes and the Internet regular devices.

Adapting an Embedded Systems Framework to Provide Virtualization

How to use a Hellfire OS based design framework to build a virtualization environment with temporal and spatial isolation among domains, real-time domain scheduling and deterministichypervisor system calls.

A flexible parameterized architecture for multicore MCUs

How FePAMM, an the architecture of interconnected minimalist processors, can perform both necessary control functions as well as emulate specific peripherals for use on each processor.

How software quality metrics improves embedded hardware

An investigation into the impact of software engineering best practices on embedded code quality and how those metrics can also be used to improved the quality of hardware design decisions

Finding causal links between software metrics and bugs

Analysis of more robust ways to establish causal links between various software metrics techniques and the occurrence of code bugs and how these links can be used as reliable predictors.

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