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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (12-1-14): Assuring the software quality of nextgen embedded designs


December 01, 2014

Assuring the Software Quality of nextgen embedded designs

To achieve the software quality assurance that today's challenging embedded systems require involves using every means and tool available, from testing and static analysis to metrics collection and requirements planning.

The role of QA

QA is not supposed to find bugs.

Ten essential elements to guarantee enhanced software quality

Deepti Sharma outlines what she thinks are the ten essential elements in delivering a high quality software design to a customer.

State charts can provide you with software quality insurance

Peter Mueller provides five reasons why embedded developers should know more about statecharts and how that knowledge can be used to ensure software quality.

How to use new unit testing tools & techniques to improve software quality

Long used mainly in high integrity environments, new unit test tools can now also streamline and improve the quality and reliability of mainstream, less critical environments, even those involving undocumented legacy code.

Software engineering metrics we need

Engineering is about numbers; firmware people need to collect metrics.

I desperately need stinkin’ requirements

We need requirements, and must spend more energy gathering them.

Automated Model Quality Rating of Embedded Systems

How to collate and assess the masses of information created by a Simulink based model of an automotive software system and come up with reliable software assurance ratings of the code generated.

A Unifying Model for Software Quality

A general software quality model that describes very different concepts related to quality and integrates them with the various concepts found in standards, guidelines, and static code checkers

A measurement based software quality framework

How the use of a Measurement based Software Quality Assurance Framework (MSQF) can be used to eliminate the bias and errors inherent in experience-only based quality assurance.

Getting disciplined about embedded software development

Jack Ganssle's guide to doing software development in a disciplined way to reduce both errors and the time it takes to complete a project. Part 1: Any idiot can write code.

Using coding standards to improve software quality and security

In an excerpt from their book Embedded System Security, the authors assess the role of C and C++ coding standards and how compliance leads to more secure code. development.

Make legal compliance an integral part of the software quality assurance process

In the age of open source and large scale outsourcing, software quality assurance must also include procedures for ascertaining its legal compliance. Here is a guide to starting that process.

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