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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (3-24-14): Turning embedded programmers into embedded engineers

March 24, 2014

Turning embedded programmers into embedded engineers

Several Embedded.com regular contributors will be among the embedded development experts participating in the must-attend Embedded System Engineering track at the ESC/EELive! next week.

Engineering everything

Engineering is not just a career. It’s a way of thinking about problems.

Software performance engineering for embedded systems

In a three part series on Software Performance Engineering (SPE), Robert Oshana describes the various benchmarks and software metrics for system performance evaluation and use that feedback to remove bottlenecks.

The fundamentals of software performance analysis: Part 1 – Path analysis

The best means by which to measure worst-case, best-case, and average-case execution time in evaluating software performance. Part 1: Path analysis

Software engineering metrics we need

Engineering is about numbers; firmware people need to collect metrics.

A systems approach to embedded code fault detection

A practical hands-on guide to fault detection in complex embedded systems design and some of the techniques for enhancing systems debug capabilities.

Using system engineering techniques to accelerate your next project

This article describes system engineering techniques that can be used in product development to improve design cycle time as well as reduce risks.

Making “Software Engineering” Engineering

Are there provable theoretical underpinnings behind software engineering?

Software Engineering versus “real” engineering

Some wags call software engineering an oxymoron. What's needed to change this perception?

Software engineering is NOT an oxymoron

Is software engineering an engineering discipline, a science . . . or one of the liberal arts?

The Death of Hardware Engineering

When all hardware becomes just more software, where will the hardware engineers go-to programming school?

The Death of Software Engineering?

Tom DeMarco, always a fascinating pundit, thinks we should stop building mundane products.

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