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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (3-3-14): Embedded Android

March 03, 2014

Embedded Android: No longer a square peg fit in a round hole? By Bernard Cole

If you are serious about Android in your designs, register for the Android Engineering Certification course at ESC/EE Live, March 31 to April 4.

Embedded Android? Call me, maybe

Android shows great promise for embedded work, but it's no panacea. Yet.

Remote control of devices using an Android platform

Remote control of devices using the Android mobile platform to run group of server programs on the mobile device that were connected to the network or USB interface, depending on availability.

An Android/OSGi-based vehicular network management system

How to integrates the Open Gateway Service Initiative Vehicle Expert Group (OSGi/VEG) into an Android platform to create a vehicular platform that has the advantages of both original specifications.

An Android-Based Body Area Network Gateway for medical applications

A Body Area Network (BAN) gateway to Android mobile phones for mobile health applications based on a Secure Digital Input Output (SDIO) interface.

An In-Vehicle Infotainment Software Architecture based on Android

An Android-based auto Infotainment architecture that combines extendibility and safety requirements and support for third-party application segregation with a safety related layer

KNX-Based Home Automation Systems for Android Mobile Devices

An Android based automation system that allows the user to monitor and manage a home automation implant in a flexible, simple and safe way by providing a high level of abstraction of real devices.

An Android-based automotive middleware architecture for plug-and-play apps

Drawing from recent advancements in the mobile phone operating systems, an Android-based software architecture is described which supports the use of play-and- play in automotive systems.

Embedded Linux and Android: Friends or Foes?

How to determine when to use Android and when to use embedded Linux for your embedded device.

The future of Android in vehicles

The benefits and challenges of marrying in-vehicle infotainment with the safety and security mechanisms in the Android OS.

Real-time Android: real possibility, really really hard to do – or just plain impossible?

Embedded developers are taking a close look at using the Linux-based Android mobile device platform in real-time deterministic apps. But is it realistic? If so, what will it take? Or is this just another tantalizing but impractical dream?


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