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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (5-26-14):Embedding hardware and software into nextgen auto designs


May 26, 2014

Embedding hardware and software into nextgen auto designs

One good measure of the importance of embedded hardware and software in next-gen auto designs is that DAC 2014 is devoting at least two dozen events and sessions to the topic.

Dealing with automotive software complexity with virtual prototyping – Part 1: Virtual HIL development basics

Part 1 in a series on automotive software development using virtual prototyping assesses the challenges of modeling and verifying increasingly complex designs and how a virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop (vHIL) approach can replace traditional HIL, Processor-in-the-Loop, and Model-in-the-Loop techniques.

Model-in-the-loop development for fuel cell vehicles

Dveloping and validating a model-in-the-loop (MIL) simulation environment for a group of prototype fuel cell vehicles being designed by Ford Motorls for its new generation fuel cell vehicles (NGFCV).

Hardware-in-the-loop testing for electric vehicle drive applications

The design, implementation, and validation of a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test platform for electric vehicle drive applications that interfaces a variable speed drive controller with a real-time simulation of an electric vehicle drive.

Automatic Transformation of System Models in Automotive Electronics

An XML framework for rule based design transformations that includes an easy way to define transformation rules and to apply them automatically to a design description in the hardware description languages VHDL and VHDL-AMS.

Timing challenges in automotive software architectures

An outline some of the major issues in providing effective timing analysis in automotive systems designs and the software architectures that are needed to accomplish that goal.

A risk-based approach to determining Automotive Safety Integrity Levels

With concerns about the increased use of electronics systems that might affect auto safety, developers need to look seriously at risk-based approaches to auto safety integrity levels using the ISO/DIS 26262 standard

Developing infotainment in an Autosar environment

How to use combine an infotainment operating system with standard-compliant AUTOSAR software using functional distribution of the components to retain the advantages of the existing systems.

Dealing with auto infotainment data-net bottlenecks

Designing a high-speed vehicle network that can support the many displays and other functions users expect in their infotainment systems, but avoid the usual automotive cabling and connector issues.

Educational Resources

myrandom.c, Linux example driver

AdaCore University – Learn to Program in Ada

Fundamentals of Signal and Power Isolation

Fundamentals of Digital Oscilloscope Usage

Automating Test Case Selection and Execution for Chipset Testing

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