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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (5-5-14): Meeting the challenges of embedding the IoT

May 05, 2014

Meeting the challenges of embedding the Internet of Things

Now that the public and many corporate executives have realized the potential of the Internet of Things, the attention devoted to the topic and its business opportunities, as well as technology challenges, has accelerated.

The Internet of Things: the next wave of our connected world

How is the Internet of Things changing the world and how developers build and deploy their designs? And what new markets and applications will it open up?

Implementing a Java-programmable, IP-addressable, secure MCU for the Internet of Things

Why resource-constrained MCUs for the IoT need an operating system appropriate to the connectivity and how the jNet's JavaCard-based OS can satisfy this requirement.

Getting ready for an IPv6-enabled Internet of Things

To take advantage of the transition to the Internet of Things, which requires ubiquitous Internet Protocol connectivity, embedded developers will have to shift from the IPv4 to IPv6 protocols. Here are some guidelines on when and how to make that transition.

Reworking the TCP/IP stack for use on embedded IoT devices

How to use the standard TCP/IP protocol stack in real-time embedded Internet of Things applications through a proper understanding of its underlying components.

Direct-to-device connectivity in the Internet of Things

A comparison of three approaches for building embedded Internet of Things designs: a traditional embedded web server, virtual cloud devices, and peer-to-peer device configurations.

Building an IoT for industrial control: Part 1: Â What is Industrial IoT?

In the first in a two-part series, Echelon's Robert Dolin describes the requirements that the IP-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) must meet to be suitable for use in industrial control network environments.

Towards an OS for the Internet of Things

A description of RIOT, an open source real time operating system that explicitly considers devices with minimal resources but eases development across a wide range of devices.

OSGi and the software fabric for the Internet of Things

How to use the OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) specification to turn the Internet of Things into a collection of loosely coupled software modules interacting through standard Web services interfaces.

Speed up machine-to-machine networking with UDP

For applications like streaming video, 6LoWPAN sensor networks, M2M, and IoT devices, the user datagram protocol (UDP) provides a fast, low-overhead alternative to TCP/IP.

Securing microcontroller RTOSes for the Internet of Things

MCU and small MPU systems for use on IoT wireless sensor and M2M connected devices need small footprint operating systems that can protect them with appropriate security protocols.

Embedded IoT design: tips, tricks and tutorials

A regularly updated catalog of papers, design articles and blogs on the Internet of Things and its constituent elements in machine to machine, wireless wireless and sensor networks and industrial networking.

Educational Resources

AdaCore University – Learn to Program in Ada

Fundamentals of Signal and Power Isolation

Fundamentals of Digital Oscilloscope Usage

Automating Test Case Selection and Execution for Chipset Testing

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