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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (5-9-11): Agile for embedded systems programming

Embedded Newsletter for 5/9/11

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May 9, 2011

Tech Focus: Getting serious about embedding Agile


Agile embedded software development

Agile Techniques for Embedded Systems

Agile Development with the UML

Editor's Note

Bernard Cole Bernard Cole
Site Editor

For me the most exciting venues at the Embedded Systems Conferences are not the keynotes, the teardowns, or the awards dinners, but classes such those by James Grenning on software quality, Agile programming, and test-driven development. If you want excitement, they are the places to be for intense, impassioned, and in-your-face discussions.

Grenning has more than thirty years of software development experience in bringing Agile development practices to the embedded world. He is also one of the 17 visionaries who drafted the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. If you missed his excellent classes at ESC, below are links to recent Embedded.com design articles, technical and white papers, webinars, and online classes on this topic.

Also be sure to read “Agile embedded software development” by Grenning and participate in the still ongoing online discussions he is having with embedded systems developers. For a good sense of his matter-of-fact, no nonsense approach, be sure to view  the You Tube video on “Agile for embedded: impossible!” – of one of Grenning's recent ESC classes. Links to other video tutorials and classes about agile programming can be found in the Resources Around the Network list in the righthand column below the white papers and webinars.

(Postscript: To get more visibility on Embedded.com for your new hardware and product introductions, be sure to send your press releases to Embedded.com Products Editor Toni McConnel at toni@techrite-associates.com. To submit ideas for design articles and product how-tos contact me at bccole@acm.org. }

Design How Tos

Agile embedded software development

Developers flee engineering for marketing and management. Why? Big processes are not delivering, and neither is coding chaos. This author says Agile helps address the problems of late projects, high defect levels, and stressed teams.

Embedded Agile: A Case Study In Numbers

Agile/XP advocate Nancy Van Schooenderwoert describes a developer lead-conversion to agile programming methods using a simple home-made unit test framework for development in the C language.

The basics of being Agile in a real-time embedded systems environment: Part 1

In a three part tutorial, Bruce Powel Douglass, author of “Real-Time Agility,” presents a convincing argument as to why agile approaches are now necessary in embedded software development and how the techniques can be used in the context of real-time embedded applications. Part 1: What is agile development and why use it.

Software for dependable systems

How can we know if a system, and in particular the software, is dependable? An interesting, well-written book tackles this question.

Paying attention to your software processes to achieve higher quality code

Software methodologies such as the waterfall method or its mutated cousin, the V-Model will result in high qualiity code only if they are backed up with a structured software development process.

Reusability, usability and flexibility

Discussions on reusability and reusable components are widespread among the practitioners of Software Engineering as well as the academia. A library of reusable components, one among the strategic engineering assets of any successful IT organisation contributes not only to productivity improvements but also to product quality throughout the life cycle of any software product.

Using model-driven development for agile embedded apps: Part 4 – Enhancing agile design with modeling

The fourth in a four part series of tutorials, Bruce Powel Douglass, author of “Real-Time Agility,” which presents a convincing argument as to why agile approaches are now necessary in embedded software development and the role of model-driven architectures and development can aid in this process. Part 4 – Enhancing agile design with modeling

Using static code analysis for Agile software development

Since the goal of Agile development is to have working software early, source code analysis enables developers to analyze the quality and security of code from day one of coding ” one of the earliest points in the software development process

Efficient testing ensures requirements traceability and verification: Part 1

Requirements-based testing integrates requirements with automotive electronics hardware and software testing to streamline development and cut costs.

Why Developers Need to Test – and How They Can Do It Better

With software testing cycles continuing to grow, along with time-to-market and testing team size, companies need to start getting developers more involved in the testing process.

Using requirements based testing to find defects in your software builds

RBT can help you expose and track bugs and determine the root cause of your software quality problems, allowing you to tightly link this with application requirements and various other considerations through out the software lifecycle.

Software Component Testing and Test Automation in Embedded Systems

A tutorial on software component testing which also outlines a viable solution for testing and test automation of embedded software components in particular.


ESC: New INSIDE Secure MCU for USB tokens is secure, cost-optimized, and has wide temp range

INSIDE Secure has introduced the AT90SO72, a secure, embedded microcontroller (MCU) tailored to meet the needs of USB authentication token applications.

ESC: Veridae's Corus software suite simplifies validation and debug of complex FPGA-based systems

Veridae Systems has launched its Corus validation and debug software suite for complex FPGA-based systems. The company claims that the Corus software suite is the first on the market to deliver a synchronized view of multi-FPGA systems both on- and off-chip, across devices and timing domains.

ESC: Express Logic's Advanced Execution Profiling speeds real-time system analysis in IAR Workbench

The integration of Express Logic, Inc.'s ThreadX Execution Profiling in IAR Embedded Workbench opens new opportunities to develop performance-optimized embedded applications in shorter time and with greater ease.

ESC: Express Logic introduces memory-protected application modules for ThreadX RTOS

Express Logic, Inc., has introduced ThreadX RTOS Memory Protection for downloadable application modules, and will be displaying them at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, booth 1729. Downloadable application modules, introduced earlier this year, enable ThreadX-based applications to execute functions dynamically loaded from local mass storage or a network.

ESC: Logic PD rolls industry's smallest embedded SOMs

Logic PD has announced what they claim to be the industry's smallest embedded modules: the Torpedo System on Modules (SOM) based on Texas Instruments' DM3730 DaVinci video processor and AM3703 Sitara ARM microprocessor.

News & Analysis

2011 Embedded Study: Big moves toward open OS, ARM

Highlights of the EE Times 2011 Embedded Market Study were presented today (May 5) to a packed theater on the ESC Expo floor by David Blaza, VP of UBM Electronics, with color commentary by Ron Wilson, Editorial Director, EDN, DesignLines, and ESC.

EE Times honors 2011 ACE Award winners

Winners of the 2011 Annual Creativity in Electronics Awards were honored in a reception at the Embedded Systems Conference.

Panel: Wall ahead in multicore programming

The wall on the horizon in multicore programming is getting closer, according to a panel of experts at the Multicore Expo.

'Woz' says schools, corporations 'tamp down creativity'

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak regaled a crowd at the Embedded Systems Conference with an idiosyncratic critique of U.S. education while encouraging a revival of creativity among technology companies.

IBM tells story behind Chevy Volt design

An IBM exec described a collaboration on the Chevy Volt that helped cut design time nearly in half for the hybrid GM car.

Vendors roll products at ESC

Cypress, Microchip, Super Micro, Via and others have rolled out new products at the Embedded Systems Conference (ESC).

Agilent Technologies

New Agilent Oscilloscopes with Breakthrough Technology Deliver More
Scope for the Same Budget
InfiniiVision 2000 and 3000 X-Series scopes offer 26 models from 70 to 500 MHz starting at $1,230 USD. Entry models offer industry-exclusive optionslike 8-channel Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and integrated function generator.Advanced scopes change to 16-channel MSOs and add serial bus debug options.
Click here to learn more.


An interview with James Grenning, Part 2

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