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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (6-16-14): Taking advantage of nextgen graphics-intensive processors

June 16, 2014

Ray tracing: the future is now

A novel interactive algorithmic approach to doing graphics ray tracing that overcomes the computational and cost barriers to the use of the technique in graphics-optimized consumer and mobile applications.

Developing a heterogeneous multicore SoC for use in a mobile environment

Imagination's Peter McGuinness recounts his company's experience in porting disparate applications to run delegated to the GPU and reports on lessons learned.

Vision-based artificial intelligence brings awareness to surveillance

Embedded vision is rapidly augmenting traditional law enforcement techniques in real world settings with automated surveillance systems, richer feature sets, higher performance and lower power.

Robust real-time pedestrian tracking from a moving camera

A real-time vision-based pedestrian tracker that combines a robust appearance-based pedestrian detection with application-specific constraints and motion information.

Detection of traffic signs in real-world images

A real-world vision-based benchmark data set for computer-based traffic sign detection and the evaluation metrics, baseline results, and a web-interface for evaluating the best approaches.

Towards a human-like vision system for driver assistance

A vision architecture for driver assistance systems based on task-dependent perception inspired by the human visual system.

Vision-based parking guidance

A low cost vision-based parking guidance system to help drivers parking their cars that relies on ARM-based embedded hardware and wide-angle camera to capture images for analysis without the need for steering sensors.

Moving object tracking using a Kalman filter

A surveillance system for tracking and detection of a moving object using simple visual background subtraction and tracking by means of a Kalman filter.

MEVBench: A mobile computer vision benchmarking suite

A custom benchmark suite for mobile embedded vision applications, calledMEVBench, for evaluating the vision capabilities of ARM and Atom-based camera systems used in mobile phones.

Embedding graphics displays into auto infotainment and navigation systems

Picking a embedded graphics display controller for an auto's infotainment or navigation system requires a different mindset than doing so for a desktop computer. Here are a few guidelines.

Using predictive scheduling for GPU virtualization in automotive infotainment designs

The problems faced when using hypervisor virtualization in graphics processor (GPU)-based automotive applications and some predictive scheduling solutions.

Educational Resources

AdaCore University – Learn to Program in Ada

Fundamentals of Signal and Power Isolation

Fundamentals of Digital Oscilloscope Usage

Automating Test Case Selection and Execution for Chipset Testing

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