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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (6-23-14): Embedded software testing in the age of connected things


June 23, 2014

Embedded software testing in the age of connected things

In the age of ubiquitously connected computing, the many embedded things that will reside on the Internet will require a new level of embedded software testing to ensure reliable and safe operation.

Effective test strategies for reducing embedded software development costs

A practical guide of developing effective testing strategies that can reduce rather than increase embedded systems software development time and cost.

What you need to know about automated testing and simulation

An overview of automated hardware and software testing and simulation and how to use they can be used together to improve testing speed, test coverage and the ability to test before hardware becomes available.

Planning for product quality through better inspection, evaluation, and testing

This article describes how to extend the Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP) specified in the IEEE 1220 and MIL-STD-499B (Draft) specifications to support embedded systems hardware and software product quality.

Automated tools streamline software test and certification

In this Product How-To Jared Fry and Shan Bhattacharya of LDRA describe how the company’s tool suite can be used to analyze code to trace requirements, identify and fix standards violations, monitor code coverage, and rapidly and effectively bring reliable products to market.

A data-driven testing methodology for RFID systems

How to implement a test driven testing methodology to devices and their software in an RFID network using mock objects tot mimic the behavior of real objects and hardware..

A Passive Testing approach for protocols in Internet of Things

A logic-based approach to testing the conformance and performance of the XMPP “Internet of Things” protocol through real execution traces and formally specified properties.

Applying model driven techniques to embeded and mobile testing

Deriving tests from the model of an embedded or mobile system that used model-driven testing testing techniques to drive tests of continuous and discrete signals with real time constraints using either an obect oriented or function oriented approach.

A Cloud based Software Testing Paradigm for Mobile Applications

A Cloud Computing software testing frame work that provides adaptable and on-demand network access to a common group of resources for testing mobile devices automatically according to a given application.

Test driven mobile applications development

A model-driven approach to testing mobile systems that uses UML for automating the process and combining it with manual procedures where automated methods do not work.

Agile embedded software development

Developers flee engineering for marketing and management. Why? Big processes are not delivering, and neither is coding chaos. This author says Agile helps address the problems of late projects, high defect levels, and stressed teams.

Emergent complexity, agile programming and the future of embedded systems design

Is it time for embedded developers to take into account the impact of spontaneous emergent complexity on their designs as they become more open, connected, distributed, dynamic and adaptive?

Educational Resources

Magnetic Position Sensors Segmentation

myrandom.c, Linux example driver

AdaCore University – Learn to Program in Ada

Fundamentals of Signal and Power Isolation

Fundamentals of Digital Oscilloscope Usage

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