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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (7-7-14): Software debug challenges of networked embedded designs

July 07, 2014

Software debug challenges of networked embedded designs

With the pervasive connectivity of embedded designs, a new set of software debug challenges has emerged that are pushing traditional tools such as static analyzers to their limits – and beyond – to meet to meet the requirements of reliable code development.

How to debug elusive software code problems without a debugger

Code problems in distributed systems such as wireless sensor networks cannot be easily located with a debugger. The author explains how to find them by capturing the call stack in real time and using it to stack dump at the point of failure.

Static analysis of Android programs

An extension of the Julia static analyzer for Java language code to perform formally correct analyses of Android programs consisting of a mix of C, XML and Java.

Enabling efficient static verification of sensor network software

A two-step WSN-specific model checker for software verification, first translating source code is first translated into model specific form and then verified against user-provided properties.

Taint analysis of framework-based web applications

A two pass static analysis based system for effective taint analysis of framework-based web applications which use code from several different external sources.

Static Analyzer for Detecting Privacy Leaks in Android Applications

How a static analyzer, called SCANDAL, can be used to detect privacy leaks in Android applications.

Heartbleed and its impact on embedded security

The majority of the news over the past few weeks about the Heartbleed bug in OpenSSL has focused on consumer usernames and passwords security. It’s also worth understanding how Heartbleed affects and informs us about security in embedded designs.

Static Analysis of Popular Open Source Internet Communication Applications

Using some open source Internet software, David Kleidermacher of GHS illustrates the benefits of static code analysis and how to use such techniques to test and debug your embedded software

Using static analysis to make open source Web applications more secure

A case study in how static analysis can be used to find and eliminate coding errors in three popular safety critical open source applications – Apache, OpenSSL and sendmail.

Five steps to reliable, low-cost, bug-free software with static code analysis

The effective use of static source code analysis to deal with the increasing complexity of software and the need to make sure code is reliable and bug free without seriously delaying product development.

A step-by-step guide to using static analysis to debug embedded software

When used early in software development, static analysis tools can reduce bugs in your code by allowing coverage of the execution paths through a very large code base in a fully automated way.

Why don’t software developers use static analysis tools to find bugs?

A user study involving 20 software developers who have an average of about 10 years of experience with using static analysis tools to find bugs.

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