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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (7-9-12): Automating software compliance and testing

Embedded Newsletter for 07-09-2012

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July 9, 2012

Tech Focus: Automating software compliance and testing


Some neat software compliance & testing tools

Automated tools streamline software test and certification

How to Evaluate Embedded Software Test Tools

Why Developers Need to Test – and How They Can Do It Better

Editor's Note

Bernard Cole Bernard Cole
Site Editor

In “Some neat software compliance and testing tools “, Jack Ganssle returns to a couple of his favorite topics: guaranteeing high quality software development through disciplined software development and testing, using methods such as Agile, and adherence to respected software standards. He couches his discussion in the context of the need for automating such tasks and reviews some of his favorite tools for software testing and compliance.

For more in-depth discussion of software coding standards, two columns by Embedded.com columnist Michael Barr, “How to enforce coding standards automatically” and “Five dangerous coding standard rules“, are worth your time.

To supplement these discussions, Embedded.com here offers articles, white papers, columns, and webinars on a range of tools and techniques for more efficient software testing, standards compliance, and Agile software development. My Editor's Top Picks are:

Automated tools streamline software test and certification
Why developers need to test – and how they can do it better
How to evaluate embedded software test tools
The best coding standards eliminate bugs

For more in-depth training and discussion of these topics, be sure to attend the 2012 ESC DESIGN East in Boston, Sept. 17-20, where Jack Ganssle, Michael Barr, and other highly experienced software engineers will be conducting hands-on courses. To qualify for 30 percent off the attendance fees, go to the registration page and sign up using the promo code EMB0627 .

Design How-Tos

Automated tools streamline software test and certification

In this Product How-To Jared Fry and Shan Bhattacharya of LDRA describe how the company's tool suite can be used to analyze code to trace requirements, identify and fix standards violations, monitor code coverage, and rapidly and effectively bring reliable products to market.

Efficient testing ensures requirements traceability and verification: Part 1

Requirements-based testing integrates requirements with automotive electronics hardware and software testing to streamline development and cut costs.

How to use new unit testing tools & techniques to improve software quality

Long used mainly in high integrity environments, new unit test tools can now also streamline and improve the quality and reliability of mainstream, less critical environments, even those involving undocumented legacy code.

Doing C code unit testing on a shoestring: Part 1- The basics and the tools

In a three part article, Ark Khasin describes a new way to use the pre-processor in your standards-compliant C compiler for unit testing for safety specs such as IEC 61508. First up: unit testing requirements and what you will need.

Requirements Management Reduces Software Defects and Improves Code Quality

Investment in software requirements management, equal to that made for design and coding, is necessary to secure a firm foundation on which to construct a successful project.

The best coding standards eliminate bugs

Fergus Bolger provides a brief tutorial of the Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) C and C++ guidelines for bug detection, avoidance, and prevention.

Verifying certified software: making the most of the tools you have

An examination of the Software Code Standard and Structural Coverage Analysis requirements of the DO-178B standard, and an evaluation of some techniques useful in meeting the needs of safety-critical software development,

Why Developers Need to Test – and How They Can Do It Better

With software testing cycles continuing to grow, along with time-to-market and testing team size, companies need to start getting developers more involved in the testing process.

Tutorial: Achieve reliable embedded code with MISRA C

No software engineering process can guarantee reliable code, but following the right coding guidelines can dramatically reduce the number of errors in your code.

Using the MISRA C++ language subset in your application

How the MISRA C++ language subset can mitigate insecurities within the C++ language and how the LDRA tool suite can be used to demonstrate compliance.

Agile embedded software development

Developers flee engineering for marketing and management. Why? Big processes are not delivering, and neither is coding chaos. This author says Agile helps address the problems of late projects, high defect levels, and stressed teams.

Embedded Agile: A Case Study In Numbers

Agile/XP advocate Nancy Van Schooenderwoert describes a developer lead-conversion to agile programming methods using a simple home-made unit test framework for development in the C language.

2012 Embedded Market Survey webinar

UBM Electronics' 17th annual survey of embedded systems designers worldwide shows trends in software and hardware usage. The 2012 Embedded Market Survey also looks at languages, productivity, and the challenges design teams rank as most important. A webinar on Friday April 20 will examine the results from over 1,700 respondents from across the embedded industry, the dataset enables a deep analysis to track key changes in this important electronics industry segment. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions online. To register click here .


PeerReview Complete 2012 accelerates tech doc review process

PeerReview Complete 2012 from SmartBear Softwear enables faster and more accurate reviews with smart comment tracking, threaded conversations and electronic signatures.

LDRA tool suite integrates MISRA AC for verification of auto-generated code

LDRA's MISRA AC provides independent verification of the auto-generated code, a critical factor in stringent certification requirements.

ESC – #Parasoft C/C++test has multiple new features

Parasoft Corporation has announced a new release of #Parasoft C/C++test for C and C++ development.

Getting FAST about Android software testing

Wind River Helps Overcome Hurdles in Software Testing to Speed Android Device Development

Rule checker supports MISRA TargetLink rules

With Model Examiner 1.2, the software technology company Model Engineering Solutions (MES) introduces a new version of the rule checker for Simulink and TargetLink Models. The software enables developers of Automotive MPU to check automatically their TargetLink Models generated by the dSpace code generator on compliance with MISRA-TargetLink rules. Thus, designers can save development time and shorten time-to-market.

News & Analysis

LDRA Certification Services assures IEC 61508 certification for safety-critical industrial products

LDRA has created a certification services division that helps companies achieve compliance with IEC 61508 – Industrial Safety certification.

Software standards seen aiding auto complexity

Increasingly complex electronics has as one of its side effects decreasing quality and reliability. This paradox has been the central problem of automotive developers. Experts are pointing to a way out of the dilemma with calls for a stronger role for software and widespread standardization.

Tools expand for sensor fusion hubs

An expanding suite of tools for fusing the outputs from MEMS chips is designed to enable designers to develop sensor fusion algorithms.

TI, Stanford explore OpenFlow silicon

Researchers from Stanford, Texas Instruments and at least one other company are working on ways to optimize next-generation networking chips for OpenFlow.


Some neat software compliance & testing tools

Automate everything. Especially brain-dead stuff – like standards checks.

How to enforce coding standards automatically

Coding standards are an important tool for fighting bugs. Unfortunately, too many well-intentioned coding standards gather more dust than followers. Automatic enforcement points the way to greater compliance.

Five dangerous coding standard rules

Don't follow these five dangerous coding standard rules… TODO.

MISRA minimizes mishaps

Program proactively. Write code that's inherently great before some tool reformats it.

Introduction to MISRA C

In 1998, the UK's Motor Industry Software Reliability Association established a set of 127 guidelines for the use of C in safety-critical systems. Here's a look at the rules, what they mean, and how they can work for you.

Agile embedded?

Here's why many embedded systems developers prefer agile techniques or their related precursors such as XP and scrum.

Sponsored White Papers

How to Evaluate Embedded Software Test Tools

Improved time to market through automated software testing

A Wind River Market Survey of Device Software Testing Trends and Quality Concerns in the Embedded Industry

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