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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (8-18-14): Taking advantage of ARM’s archetecture in embedded designs

August 18, 2014

Taking advantage of ARM’s architecture in embedded design

The ARM architecture has opened up many new apps and design tools and building blocks for embedded developers. It's also forced them to look closely at existing 8-/16-bit MCU designs to see if it is time to shift to its more flexible 32-bit architecture.

Porting designs to the 32-Bit world without adding cost

Mark Ainsworth and Ranith M of Cypress Semiconductor provide guidelines on porting applications from an 8- or 16-bit CPU to a 32-bit CPU.

Designing an ARM-based Cloud RAN cellular/wireless base station

A novel architecture for baseband processing that combines ARM’s Cortex A57 processor with a real-time, reconfigurable modem processing unit (MPU).

Low Power or High Performance: A Tradeoff Whose Time Has Come?

An analysis of typical wireless sensor network designs that compares the power and performance trade-offs between the Cortex-M3 versus 8-16 bit microcontrollers in a variety of resource constrained Internet of Things environments.

ARM design on the mbed Integrated Development Environment – Part 1: the basics

The basics of ARM-based application development using the open source mbed integrated development environment.

A Cortex A8 autonomous vehicle navigator using RT-Linux

Design of a robotic vehicle with three wheels based on an ARM CORTEX A9 based controller using the Linux Kernel 3.2.31.

Multi-fingered robot hand for industrial robotics application

Using mbed to design of a wireless tele-operated remote glove for application in industrial robotics, automation and safety.

Heart-to-Heart (H2H): Authentication for Implanted Medical Devices

An ARM Cortex-M3 MCU based Heart-to-Heart (H2H) system to authenticate external medical device controllers and programmers to Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs), using cryptographic algorithms based on the time-varying randomness from ECG signals.

Design of a wearable multi-sensor measurement platform

The design of an ARM DSP controller-based multi-sensor measurement platform for use in a variety of medical, research and recreational applications.

Design of a DC motor drive PID Controller for a mobile robot

Design of an ARM9-based PID based DC motor drive system for a mobile robotic system for use in agricultural applications.

Wireless sensor networks for temperature measurement

An ARM 9-based Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor is used to build a wireless sensor network for temperature measurement in vehicles using the Linux OS to support the hardware.

Design/evaluation of an mbed-based myo-electric training device

Design of a myoelectric training device (a toy car controlled by electro electromyograph (EMG)) which generates signals that are filtered and analyzed by an mbed hardware/software platform and transformed into device control directions.

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