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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (8-25-14): The design challenges of a trillion sensor world

August 25, 2014

The design challenges of a trillion sensor world

If you are sweating the embedded design challenges ahead in what enthusiasts are calling a ‘trillion sensor world’, there are many resources available for useful how-to guidelines.

Isolating SPI in high bandwidth sensor applications

Mark Cantrell and Bikiran Goswami look at the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus (SPI), its constraints, and how to deal with those constraints in isolated systems using the company’s ADuM3150 in high bandwidth sensor applications.

Designing a liquid level control/delivery system for use in medical & industrial control processes

This article describes a cost-effective, low-power, liquid-level control and delivery system based on data acquisition systems (DASs) that use a compensated silicon pressure sensor and a high-precision delta-sigma ADC.

Using sensor controllers to reduce power consumption in mobile computing

The author explains how a sensor controller can help reduce the overall system power consumption in mobile computing devices, and uses the MSP430 MCU to provide power consumption data.

Building wearable UV Index sensor devices for protection from harmful sun exposure

The basics of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight and how to use UV index sensor circuits to build a wearable device that warns of harmful sun exposure.

Sensor fusion enables sophisticated next-gen applications

The importance of sensor fusion in embedded systems employing increasing numbers of sensors.

A Wearable Mobile Sensor Platform to Assist Fruit Grading

A mobile sensing platform for fruit picking on a glove that integrates severalsensors, such as touch pressure, imaging, inertial measurements, localization and an RFID reader.

Design of a Wireless Sensor Network node based on STM32

Design of a wireless sensor node based on STM32F103RE MCU and TI's CC2430 radiofrequency chip using a serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus as the communication and control between the microcontroller and the CC2430.

An OSGI middleware for using IoT sensor networks as a service paradigm

An OSGi-based middleware, called Sensor Node Plug-in System (SNPS), where sensors are no longer low-level devices producing raw measurement data, but act as “services” to be used and composed over the Internet in a simple and standardized way.

Fuzzy-based sensor search on the web of things

A search by example approach to finding objects on the Internet and Web of Things that uses fuzzy logic and search-by-example to provide access sensors that produced similar output in the past.

Sensor fusion-based event detection in WSNs

A two-level sensor fusion-based event detection technique for wireless sensor networks that uses a fusion algorithm to gather information and reach a consensus among individual detection decisions made by sensor nodes.

Dual-sensor fusion for indoor localization and tracking

The design of a wearable smart phone based camera that fuses data from wireless sensor networks , GPS, Bluetooth, and other modalities to provide accurate location positioning.

Wireless sensor networks for temperature measurement

An ARM 9-based Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor is used to build a wireless sensor network for temperature measurement in vehicles using the Linux OS to support the hardware.

Wireless sensor networks—The basics—Part I

The two most important operations in a sensor network are data dissemination and data gathering. This excerpt, from Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Architectures and Protocols provides the basics and a good discussion on both.

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