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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (9-1-14): Trusted and secure ARM-based designs


September 01, 2014

Developing ARM-based secure designs you can trust

To deal with continuing security threats, developers of ARM-based mobile and embedded Internet of Things designs will need to complement their software protections with hardware solutions such as ARM TrustZone and other trusted execution environment alternatives.

Securing SoC Platform Oriented Architectures with a hardware Root of Trust

As platform-oriented-architecture-based devices incorporate the product feature and service configuration and management the need to secure them and the systems they support makes a hardware-based “root of trust” a critical requirement.

Enhancing Security by Diversifying Instruction Sets

How to make network connected processors secure by implementing hardware support for instruction-set randomization (ISR), thus providing a unique random Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) for every deployed system.

Providing Root of Trust for ARM TrustZone using SRAM PUFs

Implementation and evaluation of the root of trust for the Trusted ExecutionEnvironment (TEE) provided by ARM TrustZone but using SRAM Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs).

Building Blocks for Embedded Linux-based ARM TrustZone Platforms

Merging the Trusted Computing Group approach to securing connected processors with ARM TrustZone technology in order to build an open Linux-based embedded trusted computing platform.

Using Trusted Execution Environments in Two-factor Authentication

A comparison of the use of the hardware- based ARM TrustZone versus the Intel/AMD Trusted Execution Environment in two-factor authentication applications.

Enhancing Web Application Security Using Trusted Execution

Building an ARM trusted execution environment that works across multiple wireless and mobile connected devices using the open source webinos operating system and open source node.js, a Javascript- based open source cross-platform runtime environment.

Trusted Cells: A Sea Change for Personal Data Services

Operation of Trusted Cells, an ARM Trustzone based set of personal data servers that can run on smartphones, setop boxes, portable tokens or smart cards.

A Cross-layer Approach to Trustfulness in the Internet of Things

A trustful infrastructure for the Internet of Things based on a second generation EPOSMote, which features an ARM processor and an IEEE 802.15.4 radio transceiver.

A Trusted Wireless Sensor Node Platform

An embedded security implementation based on a 32-bit ARM11 processor and its Trustzone features to enhance the integrity of the sensor node platforms.

A Programmable Interface for Extending Android Security

The design and implementation of a proposed Android Security Modules (ASM) framework, which provides a programmable interface for defining new reference monitors for Linux OS.

The Impact of Vendor Customizations on Android Security

An analysis of vendor customizations of Android devices and an assessment of their impact on overall Android security and the sources of those issues

Security issues in the Android cross-layer architecture

A systematic analysis of the interplay among the different layers of Android to provide a simple security model of the interaction among the components of the Android Security Framework.

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