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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (9-15-14): Making ARM energy efficient

September 15, 2014

Making nextgen embedded ARM designs more energy efficient 

At the 2014 ARM Technical Conference in two weeks in Santa Clara, Ca., a lot of attention will be devoted to low power management and energy efficient ARM processor designs.

Coin cell voltage droop

Despite common belief, internal resistance is not an accurate model of coin cells.

How much energy can you really get from a coin cell?

How much energy can you really get from a coin cell?

Energy efficiency on asymmetric multiprocessing systems

An analysis of how effective asymmetric multiprocessor designs using ARM's big.LITTLE architecture based on the Cortex-A7 and -A15 are in balancing between high performance and energy efficiency.

System design trade-offs in a nextgen embedded wireless platform

An analysis of the power and system design trade-offs in nextgen embedded wireless devices and how well Storm, based on an ARM Cortex-M4 with a 2.3µA idle current and a 1.5µS wake up time measures up.

Understanding the energy demands on mobile handsets

An analysis of handset usage of ARM based mobile phones, with the aim of understanding the energy demands on the processor and the underlying battery subsystem.

ARM perspective on low-power energy-efficient SoC designs

Lessons learned in addressing the transfer of low power IP designs and implementation flows and methodologies into energy-efficient System-on-Chip products for use by various ARM processor core lisencees.

Reducing display power to extend mobile battery life

Techniques for use on ARM-based mobile smartphones and tablet computers to reduce the power dissipation of display subsystems and provide longer battery life even during multimedia activities.

Energy efficient C code for ARM devices

Here is an overview of some of the techniques for optimizing C-code for use on the ARM architecture.

Reducing MCU energy consumption when monitoring outside inputs

Using an ARM-based MCU’s energy-conserving sleep features without using an intermediate “waiting for input” mode to monitor external events while asleep.

Choosing low-power microcontrollers by the numbers

How to evaluate an MCU’s low-power operation by considering current consumption, state retention, wake-up time, and other power usage.

Making mobile video applications more energy efficient

The performance required to process video from the media gateways must be tempered with low power that will not over-tax the infrastructure, but will provide cost containment and sustainability.

Managing device power with an operating system

This article reviews the aspects of an OS that can affect power consumption and offers guidelines to avoid pitfalls.

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