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Embedded.com Tech Focus Newsletter (9-29-14): Everything you need to know about ARM development


September 29, 2014

Everything you need to know about ARM development

If you have the endurance and interest, you can learn everything you need to know about ARM software development and optimization at the 2014 ARM TechCon this week.

STMicro, ARM do a double whammy with new Cortex-M7 core

In simultaneous announcements this week ARM and one of its licensees – STmicroelectronics – took the wraps off the newest Cortex microcontroller family, the Cortex-M7 series.

ARM comes to XMOS xCORE real-time MCU architecture

Based on xCORE-XA architecture, new development system combines ARM Cortex-M3 CPU with configurable xCORE multicore MCU development system with real-time deterministic operation and debug.

Express Logic fast-tracks ARM-based IoT designs

Express Logic is debuting the first in a series of X-Ware pre-integrated, pre-ported software packages specific to particular MCUs and dev boards to speed connected designs for embedded IoT apps.

Carbon Design offers pre-built virtual SoC prototype web portal

To be showcased at ARM Techcon 2014, Carbon Design Systems has a new web portal that offers more than 100 pre-built system-on-chip virtual prototypes.

Micrium offers end-to-end embedded IoT package

Micrium has released its Spectrum connectivity platform to simplify connection of wireless sensors and devices running its RTOS to the web services necessary to create Internet of Things enabled devices.

ARM design on the mbed Integrated Development Environment – Part 1: the basics

The basics of ARM-based application development using the open source mbed integrated development environment.

Code Generation for embedded heterogeneous architectures on Android

Code generation techniques for use on ARM-based Android applications thatautomatically generate Renderscript and Filterscript code, derived from a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for image processing algorithms.

Design of an ARM-based embedded operating system microkernel

The design and implementation of an ARM based embedded operating system microkernel developed on the Linux platform with GNU tool chain that makes use of a three-layer architecture.

KVM/ARM: The Design and Implementation of the Linux ARM Hypervisor

Building an KVM/ARM hypervisor in the mainline Linux kernel using split-mode virtualization, a new approach to hypervisor design that splits the core hypervisor so that it runs across different privileged CPU modes.

Performance overhead of KVM for Linux 3.9 on ARM Cortex-A15

Using the Linux KVM or other kinds of virtualization on an ARM A15 and an evaluation of its performance using a number CPU, memory intensive and networking benchmarks.

Porting an AUTOSAR-Compliant RTOS to a high performance ARM embedded platform

Porting of the Arctic Core operating system commonly used in automotive applications to an ARM-based Raspberry Pi for use in applications based on AUTOSAR.

Energy efficient C code for ARM devices

Here is an overview of some of the techniques for optimizing C-code for use on the ARM architecture.

Freescale IoT on display at ARM Techcon

Attendees at the ARM TechCon will have a rare opportunity to see theInternet of Things (IoT) in action on the exhibit floor.

ARM news and products: Week of Sept. 29 – Oct. 3, 2014

ARM-based embedded product and technology news and analysis from ARM, Carbon Design, Freescale,Express Logic, Micrium, ST Micro and XMOS, as well as AMD, Adacore, Atmel, Cadia Networks, IAR, MNIS Technologies, Sensor Platforms, Sierraware and Spansion.

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