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Embedded.com Weekly Newsletter: March 1-5, 2010




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The first week of March is what Rich Nass, editorial director ofESD Magazine, calls the beginning of  Embedded Season – the time between Embedded World, happening this week inNuremberg, Germany, and the EmbeddedSystems Conference , held the last week of April in San JoseCalif.

If the flurry of hardware and software introductions at EmbeddedWorld are any indication, a lot will be happening the next few weeks.In addition to the surprise announcement of Freescale's thin-film nanocrystalline flashFlexMemory technology, other introductions at the showclearly prove that the lowly 8-bit microcontroller is not dead.

SiLab has introduced a family of 12 wireless 8-bitmicrocontrollers, while other significant announcementsincluded Fujitsu's 8-bit motor control MCUs , its low cost power-linemeter MCUs, and new 8-bit PIC microcontrollers fromMicrochip . Thirty-two bit MCUs were well represented with Energy Micro's EFM32Tiny Gecko MCU, Fujitsu's Jade graphics controller,STMicro's 85 centCortex-M3 MCU and Atmel's FPU companionfor the 32-bit AVR UC MCUs.

Software tools were well represented at Embedded World, with Fujitsu'svirtual instrument cluster ; Java support for GreenHills Integrity RTOS; PikeOS support for Multicore; Express Logic & IARteaming up to support ARM, Coldfire, V850 and H8 CPUs;IAR's Embedded Workbench port to the Renesas SH-2Aand Altium'saddition ofCortex-M3 support to its Tasking VX toolset.

For some indication of what is coming up at ESC in April, read myroundup of activities in ESC Silicon Valley:A semester-worth of embedded education in 4 days . Good reading! (Embedded.com EditorBernard Cole, bccole@acm.org )

  NEWS/FEATURES: Embedded World
Freescale: Thin-film flash mimics EEPROM
Freescale Semiconductor unveiled its 90 nanometer thin-film storage nanocrystalline flash memory and a new FlexMemory architecture at Embedded World.
SiLabs debuts wireless microcontrollers
Silicon Laboratories has combined its line of microcontrollers with its line of wireless transceivers to create a family of 12 wireless microcontrollers which can single handedly handle many battery operated applications.
Embed-X: a comprehensive embedded application lifecycle management tool
Developed by LDRA and Visure, this joint ALM offering can reduce software development costs by 50%.
  #INCLUDE by Rich Nass
A flurry of activity heading into “Embedded Season”
It's time for the two biggest shows in the embedded systems industry.
Random thoughts
Jack Crenshaw reveals his latest on how to translate dynamics, whose math is defined by Newton's laws of motion, into usable code for applications such as trajectories and triangulation.
  BREAK POINT by Jack Ganssle
An MSO for the masses
Jack Ganssle takes a look at Tektronix's MSO2024, the oscilloscope being given away at the ESC SV 2010.
  EMBEDDED WORLD: Software Product News
Fujitsu announces dev solution for virtual instrument cluster for autos
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) has announced its “virtual cluster application” for virtual instrumentation in vehicles of the future. The new application provides a 'right-sized' complete system solution, including hardware and software components, a demo application, as well as tool support to enable a quick start to development.
IS2T & Green Hills Software announce optimized Java support for INTEGRITY RTOS
IS2T S.A. and Green Hills Software, Inc., have teamed up to integrate IS2T's Hard Real-Time MicroJvm virtual machines for embedded systems with Green Hills safe and secure INTEGRITY RTOS.
IAR Embedded Workbench now supports Renesas SH-2A family
IAR Embedded Workbench is now available for Renesas' SH-2A and SH2A-FPU MCU architectures. The toolset comprises IAR C/C++ Compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, text editor, project manager, and IAR C-SPY Debugger in a single integrated development environment (IDE).
PikeOS 3.1 supports multicore
SYSGO's newest implementation of PikeOS supports multicore and is DO-178B compliant.
Express Logic and IAR Systems deliver integrated dev solutions for commercial apps
Express Logic and IAR Systems deliver integrated dev solutions for commercial apps, combining support for ARM, ColdFire, V850, and H8 processor-based systems.
Atego acquires Blue River to bring C++ into portfolio
Atego, the company created in January 2010 by the merger of Artisan Software Tools and Aonix, has acquired Blue River Software GmbH (Nuremberg, Germany).
MBO sees Geensoft continue Geensys tools heritage
A management buy-out (MBO) of the former embedded design tools business of Geensys has been launched with the Geensoft name.
Express Logic aids certification for ThreadX users
Express Logic announced market-specific turnkey, safety-critical certification packs for reliability and safety-critical standards for European industrial, medical, transportation, rail, automotive and aerospace.
Design Assurance Pack simplifies medical certification
Wittenstein High Integrity Systems has released a SafeRTOS Design Assurance Pack which simplifies the mandatory validation process for new MCU based medical devices in the US and European Union.
Altium adds Cortex-M support to TASKING VX toolset
Altium introduced its TASKING VX toolset for ARM Cortex-M Series that adds support for the Cortex-M0 alongside existing support for Cortex-M1 and Cortex-M3 processors.
  EMBEDDED WORLD: Hardware/IC Product News
ST intros Cortex-M3-based MCU at $0.85
STMicroelectronics has released a 32-bit microcontroller based on a24MHz ARM Cortex-M3 processor core with low end price starting at $0.85. And its is developing a evaluation kit which should be available for under $10 in the second quarter of 2010.
Atmel adds FPU companion for its 32-bit AVR U3 MCUs
Atmel Corporation has added a floating point unit coprocessor to support its 32-bit AVR UC3 microcontrollers which it claims will allow designers to replace a two chip microcontroller and digital signal processing (DSP) device in many automotive and industrial control apps
Fujitsu SoCs lower cost for powerline meter apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) has introduced two new system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for FSK-based powerline communication (PLC). The MB87S2090 and MB87S2090-F have been developed in association with ADD Semiconductor, developer of SoCs for communication-over-powerline and solutions for automatic meter management. Both devices are pin-to-pin compatible with ADD Semiconductor's designs.
Fujitsu adds new Graphics SoC for embedded apps
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) has a new addition to its 'Jade' graphics controller family, the MB86R03 'Jade L', which focuses on cost optimization and comes with a complete tool-chain to help beginners get started quickly.
Fujitsu debuts New Series of Low Pin Count 8-bit motor control MCUs
At Embedded World show here, Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) introduced an expansion to its F2MC-8FX family of low-cost, low pin count MCUs for use in such apps as industrial, medical and consumer designs.
Energy Micro goes Tiny with less flash and RAM
Energy Micro's EFM32 Tiny Gecko (TG) microcontrollers are based on the ARM Cortex-M3 architecture, have active mode current consumption typically 180A per MHz executing code from flash.
Microchip expands enhanced 8-bit PIC MCU portfolio
Microchip Technology Inc. unveiled an expanded range of 8-bit PIC microcontrollers with devices that feature active currents of less than 50 A/MHz and sleep currents down to 20 nA.
  EDITOR'S COMMENTARY by Bernard Cole, Embedded.com Editor
ESC Silicon Valley: A semester-worth of embedded education in 4 days
On April 26-29 at the Convention Center in San Jose, Ca., you're invited to a banquet of courses, speakers, and panels looking at new technologies, opportunities, and problems that will be coming at you in the near future, as well as opportunities to be inspired, to get into arguments or just have idea-laden discussions

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