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Embedded computing boosts Radstone


LONDON — The group profit at Radstone Technology before tax, goodwill and exceptional items increased 17% to £7.4million (2003: £6.3million) for the financial year ended 31 March. Exceptional costs of £3.5million, including the closure of a Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) facility at Hawarden cut the post tax profit to £1.3million (2003: £4.3million).

Turnover was down to £43.7million (2003: £48.5million), reflected the non-recurrence of a significant automotive test equipment contract in the EMS business and the effect of the weak US dollar in the embedded computing business.

New orders received during the year totalled £66.7million a 50% increase on the previous year producing a £79.3m record order book.

The company made 17 new product introductions in the embedded computing business during the year and has seen a promising sales contribution from its acquisition of Interactive Circuits and Systems (ICS) based in Ottawa, Canada, in September 2003 with £4.3million attributable to ICS.

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