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Embedded control modules use ARM MCUs


LONDON — The Open Controller OC-8 series of embedded controllers simplify the connection of machines, devices and systems in a network for real time communication and interaction.

The pin and function compatible modules can be used in a variety of applications and Open Controller (Berlicum, The Netherlands) provides a complete tool chain, source code and examples to accelerate the implementation.

The modules are equipped with a ARM7 or ARM9 (400 MHz) microcontroller, are provided with Power over Ethernet and the most common communication channels such as high speed serial (12Mbit), I2C, SPI, SSC, CAN, ADC, DAC, LCD, CCD, AC'97, 4-20mA Controller, Ethernet and Wireless.

The modules, which is compared to the isze of a sugar cube, support a variety of protocols including CAN Open, Profibus, Modbus, and Powerlink.

The modules are based on certified open source software ensuring control over the solution and avoid a 'vendor lock-in'.

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