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Embedded dual-axis gyro results in simpler handset interfaces

Motion sensing has taken on significant importance in mobile devices as users seek easier and more intuitive ways of interacting with a growing assortment of fixed and mobile media, from small-screen mobile handsets with web browsers and speed dialers to music players, and even large-screen video games. Using hand gestures or body motion to navigate and control 2-D and 3-D digital space offers a natural and more universal interface tool as well as a more enjoyable user experience.

As a result of this trend, InvenSense announced a gyroscope-based solution for handsets that can enable easier and more intuitive user interaction through hand motions. The IDG-300 gyroscope is an integrated dual-axis solution that meets the size, performance, and price requirements of the mobile market. The device combines moving microscopic mechanical structures (MEMS) with electronics to measure rotation in a single die that includes on-chip calibration. Cost-effective integration and manufacture is achieved using the company's patented method of sealing MEMS and CMOS wafers together prior to dicing the chips. The IDG-300, which can measure more than 400 degrees of rotation/s, is currently in production and is priced at less than $3 in high-volume consumer quantities.

Note that the IDG-300 dual-axis gyroscope die, measuring 3.5 by 3.5 by 1 mm, and a three-axis accelerometer can be packaged together to enable a tiny, integrated and low-cost five-axis motion sensing solution. More information can be found at www.InvenSense.com.

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