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Embedded Forum at electronica 2022

The embedded forum at electronica 2022 will cover enabling technologies for smart energy, industry and cities to mobility.


From November 15-18 this year, electronica 2022 will bring the international electronics industry together at the Munich exhibition grounds, with this year’s theme being “Driving sustainable progress.” Supporting the exhibition, a comprehensive supporting program features conferences and forums offering opportunity for personal and professional exchange.

With more than 10 years’ history hosting successful technology forums in support of electronica’s conference program, AspenCore is once again hosting the Embedded Forum at electronica 2022.

  • 4 days of forum with keynotes, panel discussions and technical presentations
  • Theater-style setting in the exhibition hall A4 with seating for 60-80 participants
  • Electronica visitors can attend the forum free of charge
embedded forum 2022

Forum topics

The global reliance on technology to get through the last couple of years has put a sharp focus on the electronics industry, and particularly the embedded systems that underpin every industry sector. Alongside this is global movement towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the path to tackle climate change and achieve net zero. According to the World Economic Forum, digital technologies at scale could enable up to 20% reduction in the three highest emitting sectors: energy, mobility and materials.

The enabler for these digital technologies – in everything from smart energy, smart industry and cities to electric and autonomous vehicles – are the sensors, vision systems, the connected devices, the on-board processing and intelligence, as well as new business models enabling greater access to the technology that will help more people deploy smart, connected and intelligent systems.

The Embedded Forum will hence look at the trends in embedded systems design, from device development to software and tools, plus new opportunities enabled by cloud-based EDA. We’ll also explore designing for safety and mission critical systems. We’ll cover the architectures that will enable more intelligence, from microcontrollers and microprocessors to high-performance computing (HPC), bio-inspired computing and compute-in-memory. And finally, we’ll look at the whole future of connected devices enabling the sensing, thinking and acting, for what many are now calling the AIoT (artificial intelligence of things).

Forum Program

Tuesday, Nov 15 – 11h00-14h00
Focus topic: Trends in embedded systems design

Wednesday, Nov 16 – 14h00-17h00
Focus topic: Sense, think, act – the future is AIoT

Thursday, Nov 17 – 10h00-13h00
Focus topic: Architectures for AI and HPC

Friday, Nov 17 – 13h00-15h00
Focus topic: Designing for safety-critical and mission-critical systems

Presentation Formats

  • Keynotes: 30 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A
  • Panel discussions: 40 minutes. Panel participation is by invitation only.
  • Technical presentations: 20 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A

More details on the individual sessions of the Embedded Forum will follow soon.

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