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Embedded hardware/software design action at DAC 2013


If you are an embedded developer trying to get your head around the implicationsof the complex system-on-chips on hardware and software design as well asways to integrate the two into a smooth design flow, the 2013 Design Automation Conferenceis where the action is.

Of the ninetechnical panels, there are three which will be of particular interest:

1 – IBlew My Power Budget: Whom Should I Throw Under the Bus?  whereClive Bittlestone, Texas Instruments, Rick Hofmann, Qualcomm Technologies,Anis Jarrar, Freescale Semiconductor, and Arvind Shanmugavel, Apache Design,tell their power design horror tales and try to answer such questions aswhat to do when the power budget is blown? What can I do at this point? Whomdo I blame? What should I do to ensure this does not happen again?

2 – IsSecurity the Next Design Dimension?   during which Srini Devadas,MIT, Kevin Gotze, Intel Corp., Kevin Fu,Univ. of Michigan, and Saverio Fazzari,Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc., will discuss the vulnerabilities in integratedcircuits and embedded systems and potential solutions to building-in securityduring design with particular focus on the vulnerabilities in many embeddedsystems including cars, voting machines, medical devices, among others. Questionsthat will be addressed are how security should be considered during the designphase?

If incorporating it late in a design is a recipe for disaster (e.g. theInternet) how should security be prioritized with other design criteria likecost, power, and reliability. At what point can threats be modeled and defensesdefined.

3 – Barriersto the Internet of Things: Embedded Software, Security, Cost, Power?in which Brian Gildon,Timesys; Edward Lee, Univ. of California, Berkeley;and Dominic Pajak, ARM, Inc.; and Diwakar Vishakhadatta, Silicon Laboratories,debate the implications on embedded hardware and software design of the Internetof Thing in which in mobile, home and building devices will send and receivedata in the Internet Cloud. What will be the barriers to growth: embeddedsoftware, security, cost or power? Or, is it the unstoppable next wave?

Technical paper presentations at DAC have been divided into a varietyof topic areas. Those related directly to embedded systems include:

EmbeddedDesign Methodologies,
EmbeddedSystems and Software,
EmbeddedSystem Validation,
EmbeddedArchitectures and Platforms, and
SystemLevel Design. .

There are also elevenspecial sessions, several of which are on topics of interest toembedded developers:

TheFuture of Operating Systems for Embedded Systems and Software (ESS);
MyIP is Better than Yours, but Does Anyone Care?;
BalancingSecurity and Utility in Medical Devices ;
Electronicsand Software on Wheels ; and
FPGAsas General-Purpose Processors

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