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Embedded Linux Solution – for Pentium-M boards


DIGITAL-LOGIC AG and SYSGO AG have signed a cooperation which includes the porting of Linux for Pentium-M based smartModule&reg SM855 products. The PC/104-Plus-Board MSM855 as well as the EBX-Board MSEBX855 are also integrated within the embedded Linux development environment ELinOS.

The integration in ELinOS gives DIGITAL-LOGIC's customers a comfortable access to developing embedded applications in Linux. The agreement within the scope of the SYSGO Custom Board Support program includes the porting of Linux to the DIGITAL-LOGIC specific hardware, the support of all board-specific functions and the long-term integration of the platform in ELinOS with regular updates and the support of the end customer by SYSGO.

Pentium M will be dominating the x86-based embedded applications to a large extend during the next ten years. With products based on the smartModule concept by DIGITAL-LOGIC most applications are covered. The access via the widely-used ELinOS as well as the comprehensive development support delivered by SYSGO, ensures DIGITAL-LOGIC customers an optimal backup for new, linux-based product solutions.

Digital-Logic AG , 4542 Luterbach, Switzerland.

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