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Embedded Linux with Java development kit


Arcom Control Systems has expanded its range of development kitsfor embedded Linux with Java Technology to provide support for the133MHz AMD SC520 based PEGASUS board, a compact PC/104 formatembedded PC designed for embedded control and communicationsapplications.

The hardware / software development kit includes the PEGASUSpre-loaded with a compact implementation of GNU/Linux along with theoptional J9 Virtual Machine – IBM's high performance Java virtualmachine.

The GNU/Linux operating system uses the proven 2.4 kernel whichhas been optimized for use on Arcom hardware platforms.

The IBM JVM and the users Java based application will load andexecute directly from the on board 16Mbytes Flash memory using thecompressed Flash Filing System (JFFS2).

This Kit includes the PEGASUS PC/104 single board computer fittedwith 32Mbytes DRAM and 16Mbytes of Flash, PSU, rugged enclosure,serial and Ethernet cable set, quickstart manual and the utility CD.Also included is a copy of IBM's WebSphere Studio Device DeveloperIDE development tools which speeds development, debug and deploymentof Java based applications.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) October 2002

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