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Embedded news and analysis: Week of Aug. 4 – 8, 2014


Collected here are my Editor’s Top Picks of embedded industry product and technology news stories for the week of Aug. 4 – 8, 2014:

Navdy launches smartphone head-up display (HUD) for any car
Navdy has started a 30-day pre-order campaign for a Head-Up Display (HUD) that allows drivers to access their smartphone's apps while keeping their eyes on the road.

Mobile battery management gets easier with MIPI BIF upgrade
The MIPI Alliance released updates to its Battery Interface Specification (BIF) for mobile devices, which is designed to make it easier for mobile and wireless device developers to incorporate smart battery management features .

Agilent becomes Keysight Technologies
The electronic measurement business of Agilent Technologies has begun operating under the name of Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Nvidia goes after DIY hobbyist with Jetson TK1
A review of Nvidia's Tegra-based Jetson board for the DIYer with a Cortex A15 CPU, a 192-core Nvidia GPU, scads or RAM, plenty of ports and lots of compute power.

IoT sensors: fusion or confusion?
Sensor fusion is what will keep the Internet of Things from becoming a tangle jumble of incoming data from various connected devices

Thoughts on energy harvesting for wearables
Increasingly wearable equipment will include energy harvesting tuned to the application.

Sensor footprint: does size matter?
Sensor size matters in the market – but mainly in new applications, such as in the case of inertial MEMS sensors whose small footprint may be opening up wearable apps rather than winning mobile design slots.

Programmable wireless changing the LTE base station landscape
With cell phone 3G/5G data traffic outpacing voice with 85% of the total and growing at 20% per year, operators are optimizing their networks using Long Term Evolution's (LTE) 3rd Generation Partnership Project.

TIA developing standard for securing telecomm network cabling
The TR-42.1 Engineering Committee on Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling is developing an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited standard to address the physical network security.

Only a quarter of designs using dev kits make it to production
Initial survey results by element14 show that that while about half of electronic designs used development kits, only half of these made it to production.

ADLINK's SMARC module LEC-BT has ultra-small form factor
ADLINK Technology, Inc. has introduced a new SMARC form factor computer-on-module (COM) running on Intel x86 processors.

Microchip's PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit speeds dev
The new PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit from Microchip boasts a PIC32 microcontroller (MCU) and a HCI-based Bluetooth radio.

Toshiba offers TZ5000 ApP Lite starter kit for Web app development
Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. has announced the RBTZ5000-2MA-A1 and RBTZ5000-6MA-A1 starter kits for development of web applications using the Toshiba TZ5000 Application Processor Lite (ApP Lite) series.

Lauterbach's TRACE32 exports real-time trace data to INCHRON Tool Suite
Lauterbach and INCHRON have partnered to create a new interface to exchange trace data between TRACE32 and the INCHRON Tool Suite.

LDRA optimization reduces on target footprint of Tool Suite by 60%
LDRA has optimized the LDRA tool suite to deliver the same comprehensive software test and verification capabilities with a 60 percent smaller on-target footprint.

Freescale's new industrial accelerometer captures more info
Freescale’s new FXLN83xxQ accelerometer is designed to capture acceleration information often missed by less accurate sensors commonly deployed in consumer products such as smartphones and exercise activity monitors.

Altium announces TASKING C compiler for Renesas RH850 automotive MCUs
Altium Limited announces a major new addition to its TASKING C compiler solutions for automotive application development, providing support for the RH850 architecture from Renesas Electronics.

eT-Kernel RTOS Evaluation Kit launched for Xilinx Zynq-7000
eSOL offers the eT-Kernel Evaluation Kit for Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC

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