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embedded news: HPC, BMS, & network sharing podcast, plus CAD tool goes from cloud to desktop

A roundup of this week’s embedded news includes a new embedded edge with Nitin podcast, a look at hardware for the metaverse, new desktop app integration for a popular online component design library plus news of products, people and events.


This week the latest episode of my embedded edge with Nitin podcast went live, in which Xilinx talks about its new Alveo data center accelerator card and clustering solution for FPGAs, Weaver Labs on how its software lets telecoms providers use blockchain to manage and monetize virtualized networks, and intelligent wireless battery management with Dukosi.

After you’ve heard them speak in the podcast, take a look into more detail here about Weaver Labs and how it has created a software solution to enable sharing and monetization of telecom network infrastructure assets in a secure, open and interconnected network using blockchain technology in an internal cryptocurrency system. And if you want to learn more about how the wireless battery management system (BMS) from Dukosi puts chip and embedded software on each battery cell to enable ‘edge intelligence’ for safer and better performance batteries, click here.

Metaverse Technology

We also take a look at enabling the hardware for the metaverse. In other news, I spoke with Natasha Baker, CEO and founder of SnapEDA, an online design library and search engine for verified, ready to use CAD models of electronics components, about their launch of SnapEDA Desktop, responding to demand from designers looking for better integration of the cloud based platform with existing desktop PCB design tools.

In the news below, you’ll also see the latest from Infineon Technologies, announcing their new CEO who takes over from Reinhard Ploss on 1 April 2022. Plus, other news includes Codasip adopting Imperas for RISC-V processor verification, and ShieldIoT raising $7.4m to deploy coreset-AI for IoT cybersecurity.

News & Products


Fabless company Panthronics and Renesas Electronics announced a new design based on Panthronics’ PTX100R NFC reader IC for contactless communication and the Renesas RA6M4 general-purpose secure microcontroller, providing secure mobile point-of-sale (mPoS) contactless payment terminal manufacturers with a way to reduce the size and the bill-of-materials cost of their products. The RA6M4 MCU, which has an Arm Cortex-M33 CPU with TrustZone technology and integrated security IP, performs all the cryptographic, key management and other security functions required for compliance with the stringent Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards and the EMVCo Level 2 standard for contactless payments. EMVCo Level 1-compliant software runs in the PTX100R.


SEGGER’s popular service programmer Flasher Portable PLUS is now fully customizable, enabling corporations to supply their service technicians with a branded, battery-powered tool that can store multiple programming images. Customization options include injection molding using company colors, fascia branding, and other corporate design elements, plus customization of the display content, including changing the splash screen. Designed as an extremely rugged, reliable and portable production-grade flash programmer for firmware updates, the Flasher Portable PLUS in-system programmer has a track record of proven success in the field.

Axiomtek Gaming, a business unit of Axiomtek, has introduced the GMB140, its powerful Mini-ITX motherboard with the AMD Ryzen embedded V1000/R1000 processor. The GMB140 integrated with the high-performance CPU, GPU and extensive I/O offers superior computing performance and multi-display capability, making it suitable for graphics-driven embedded applications such as digital casino gaming machines, medical imaging, interactive kiosks, control rooms and video surveillance. The GMB140 comes with two DDR4 SO-DIMM sockets with a memory capacity of up to 32GB. For flexible gaming I/O module, it offers expandability with one PCIe x16 slot and one PCIe Mini Card slot. For rich I/O interfaces, it has seven USB ports, six RS-232 ports, HD audio 5.1-CH Line-out, two GbE LAN ports, two SATA 3.0 ports, and 8-bit GPIO.

Percepio Tracealyzer Microsoft Azure RTOS ThreadX

Visual trace diagnostics firm Percepio has announced improved support for Microsoft Azure and Azure RTOS ThreadX in Tracealyzer, two enhancements that will ease the development and debugging of Azure IoT systems. It has integrated its trace recorder in ThreadX, adding support for streaming recording where trace data is sent continuously to the host system and stored there. For ThreadX users, this means they can now capture much longer software traces, spanning hours or even days, e.g., for burn-in testing or profiling. Additionally, Tracealyzer has been enhanced to work with DevAlert, Percepio’s cloud service for monitoring deployed IoT devices, running on Azure. DevAlert customers deploying on Azure can now see their device issues, and download and analyze the attached software traces, directly in Tracealyzer.

AI engineering company, SmartCow, which specializes in video analytics and AIoT devices, launched SmartCam, an edge AI camera that delivers real-time occupancy analytics, such as people counting, path tracing, intrusion detection, and more. Built on the Nvidia Metropolis application framework, SmartCam leverages the powerful capabilities of the Nvidia Jetson edge AI platform line up, such as the Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2 NX, and Jetson Xavier NX, giving customers the ability to tailor deployments based on their unique compute needs.


Infineon Technologies Jochen_Hanebeck

Infineon Technologies has appointed Jochen Hanebeck as the new chief executive officer taking over from current CEO Reinhard Ploss on 1 April 2022. Hanebeck has been a member of the management board and chief operations officer since 2016. With an electrical engineering degree from RWTH Aachen University, he has been with Infineon since 1994 (Siemens AG until 1999). Hanebeck said, “Our semiconductor solutions are central pillars for the major trends of electrification and digitalization of the world. It is an honor for me to take over an excellently positioned company from Reinhard Ploss.”


The 58th DAC (Design Automation Conference) is takes place both physically in San Francisco and virtually between 5-10 December 2021. Keynote speakers include Jeff Dean of Google Research and Google Health, Bill Dally of Nvidia, and Missy Cummings of Duke University. For the first, DAC attendees will also have access to SEMICON West and the RISC-V Summit. Details here.

The Things Conference is the world’s largest LoRaWAN conference, bringing together a wealth of knowledge related to LoRaWAN through keynotes, interactive workshops and live demonstrations showcasing the latest in LoRaWAN. It’s a hybrid conference, with the in-person event happening on 27-28 January 2022 in Amsterdam.

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