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embedded news: MCU toolchains, lifecycle management and more

The latest news from the embedded world.

This week’s roundup of embedded industry news and products below features: Codasip, Elastics.cloud, Mirasys, Quanergy Systems, Renesas, Review Display Systems (RDS), SEGGER, Sensata Technologies, Septentrio, TASKING, Ultraleap, Winbond Electronics Corporation,

(Image: TASKING)

TASKING has introduced a new version v6.0r1 of the VX-Toolset for Arm Cortex-M. The compiler toolchain now also supports the Infineon TRAVEO T2G microcontroller family based on Arm Cortex-M4 / Cortex-M7. Infineon and TASKING have worked together on the software development tools for TriCore/AURIX (TC2x, TC3x and TC4x). With the expansion of the toolset to support the TRAVEO T2G family, TASKING now offers toolchains for Infineon’s entire MCU portfolio. This means that compilers for both TRAVEO T2G and AURIX are now available from a single tool partner.

(Image: SEGGER)

SEGGER and Renesas have expanded the features offered by SEGGER’s professional line of Flasher in-circuit programmers for the Renesas RA4 and RA6 microcontrollers with Arm Cortex-M33 cores, now adding device lifecycle management (DLM) and Trustzone partitioning during mass production. For owners of a current Flasher, installing these new features simply involves downloading the latest software from segger.com, with no charges, license cost or hidden fees. The Flasher can be seamlessly integrated into a standard production workflow, with no third-party tools required, and once configured, can work in stand-alone mode.

Smart interconnect technology startup Elastics.cloud has raised an additional $17 million in funding, bringing its total pre-series A capital investment to over $26 million. It uses silicon, hardware, and software which leverages the Compute Express Link (CXL) interconnect standard to provide high-performance connectivity to a broad ecosystem of components, enabling efficient and performant architectures to create flexible, scalable, low latency composable systems. The funding will help expand engineering teams in San Jose, CA and Austin, TX.

Septentrio ruggedized GNSS receiver for construction
(Image: Septentrio)

Septentrio has launched its AsteRx-U3, the successor of the AsteRx-U multi-frequency GNSS receiver for construction, mining and other machine control applications. The new product combines Septentrio’s latest triple-band precise positioning GNSS core with extended wireless communication features including Wi-Fi, UHF and 4G LTE. A unique feature is the guaranteed low latency of under 10 msec and a high data rate, which allows machines to work with rapid as well as accurate movements.

Sensata Technologies announced its new Sensata IQ platform for deploying asset health monitoring to prevent unplanned downtime within manufacturing environments. Because of cost and complexity of online asset monitoring systems, many plants and factories end up monitoring only the most critical assets, leaving up to 85% of their plant floor unprotected and unmonitored. With Sensata IQ is meant to address this issue, allowing plant managers to obtain reliable and easy-to understand alerts regarding their facility’s equipment health before assets fail.

(Image: Sensata Technologies)

Winbond Electronics Corporation announced enhancements to its DDR3 product. Its 1.35V DDR3 products now support 2133Mbps data rate in both x8 and x16 configurations and are 100% compatible to 1.5V DDR3. Winbond’s DRAM roadmap now supports 1Gb-4Gb DDR3, 128Mb-2Gb DDR2, 512Mb-2Gb LP-DDR2, as well as LP-DDR4x, LP-DDR3, LP-DDR, SDRAM interfaces for applications which require 4Gb or below densities DRAM products, such as AI accelerators, IoT, automotive, industrial, telecommunications, WiFi-6, WiFi-6e, xDSL, fiber-optic networks, smart TV, set-top box, and IP camera.

Review Display Systems RDS USB-IO Board
(Image: Review Display Systems)

Review Display Systems (RDS) has introduced a new USB monitor and control interface board, featuring a comprehensive range of I/O (input/output) ports which can be easily controlled and monitored using a single USB serial interface. The USB-IO board is designed for embedded systems, IoT applications and stand-alone equipment to enable control and monitoring of external hardware and systems such as relays, smart sensors, actuators, lighting, and motors. It features a general purpose 16-bit Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) enabling full user control and interrogation of all on-board input/outport ports, interfaces, and sensors.

Mirasys VMS spotter
(Image: Mirasys)

Quanergy Systems announced a technology integration with Mirasys, a supplier of open platform video management systems (VMS), to deliver advanced insights and analytics for physical security applications in the government, retail, and gaming industries. Mirasys is a deep vision data company that allows customers to extract maximum information from old and new cameras and sensors.  Integration of Quanergy’s QORTEX DTC 3D lidar platform enables the classification of vehicles and people, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency when integrated with VMS.

Rowena Innocent - Ultraleap - SVP Engineering
(Image: Ultraleap)

Ultraleap has appointed Rowena Innocent as senior vice president of engineering. With 30 years of experience at Spectris, Malvern Panalytical and General Electric, she has previously managed teams of 300 engineers across the UK, EU, USA and Asia, spanning early research through to product delivery across a broad range of disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, software and machine learning. She also holds an Aegis Professorship from the University of Bristol, where she has a broad remit to share her industry expertise through coaching and mentorship.

Jamie Broome - Codasip
(Image: Codasip)

Codasip has appointed Jaime Broome as its new VP automotive, coming from recently leading Imagination Technologies’ automotive business unit. He has over 20 years of experience in semiconductors and complex IP, SoCs and the automotive supply chain. Broome said companies in the car market (big and small, new and old) “are all crying out for what RISC-V is offering: the ability to easily innovate rapidly at the design level by reducing the complexity, cost and speed.”

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