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Embedded News: Week of Dec. 2 – 6, 2013


Collected here are the Editor’s Top Picks of Embedded industry product and technology news stories for this week:

Microchip brings Harmony to embedded MCU development
Microchip’s MPLAB Harmony all-in-one development framework brings coherence to embedded development by integrating the licensing, resale and support of software building blocks.

Carriers begin switch to small cells for mobile nets
Small-cell base stations are seen as an inexpensive way to add capacity quickly to cellular networks swamped with mobile data from the rise of smartphones and tablets.

Why big data for connected cars?
Trials clearly show the benefits of combining the connected car and big data analysis including smoother driving, accident prevention and fuel economy.

Altera rolls out Arria 10 software tools for 20 nm SoC FPGAs
Company claims that new Quartus II tools will allow developers to achieve immediate 20 nanometter design starts

Renesas introduces a functional safety solution for industrial automation
Renesas Electronics Corporation has developed a functional safety software package for its 32-bit RX631 and RX63N microcontroller (MCU) Groups.

Reference design gets motors spinning in less than five minutes
Silicon Labs has introduced a brushless dc (BLDC) motor control reference design for sensorless BLDC applications using C8051F85x/6x MCUs.

IAR Systems updates development tools for 8051-based MCUs
IAR Systems has released an updated version of its C/C++ development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for 8051.

Microchip's new capacitive touch controllers offer improved proximity performance
Microchip's CAP12XX capacitive touch controllers provide a wide variety of slider, button and proximity functionality.

Tin-based Stanene one-ups graphene for nextgen ICs
A new tin-based material that researchers call stanene may eclipse graphene as a way to conduct electricity on next-generation microchips with “100 percent efficiency” at room temperature and above.

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