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Embedded news: Week of Jan. 5 – 9, 2015

Collected here are my Editor’s Top Picks of embedded industry product and technology news stories at the International Consumer Electronics Show for the week of Jan. 5, 9, 2015:

SuperMHL comes to high def 8k resolution TV/mobiles
At CES 2015, the MHL Consortium released its SuperMHL audio/video specification for high definition video resultions up to 8k pixels using a reversible connector.

Intel reveals button-size mini-IoT wearable module
In a keynote at the 2015 CES, Intel's CEO unveiled its button-sized Curie mini- IoT module targeted at wearable consumer devices.

CES: Conexant launches Smart Voice Pickup software algorithm for headsets
Conexant Systems, Inc. has unveiled its new Smart Voice Pickup (SVP) technology for headsets.

CES: Imagination announces PowerVR imaging framework for Android
Imagination Technologies has released a new PowerVR imaging framework for Android.

emSSL, secure sockets for embedded devices, released
Phaedrus Systems has launched emSSL, a ground-up implementation of secure sockets that are the backbone of secure communications on the Internet today.

CES: Qt 5.4 supports HTML5 hybrid development, introduces Windows Phone support
The Qt Company has released a new version of its leading cross-platform application and user interface (UI) development framework, Qt 5.4, is available for download.

Zeidman announces special CES pricing for new version of SynthOS
Zeidman Technologies, Inc. has announced a new release of SynthOS, a an improved version of the software development tool that automatically generates an optimized real-time operating system.

CES 2015 Gadget Sampler Slidehow
The International CES is a wonderland of IoT, mobile and wearable gadgets, services, goodies, and toys fit for every tech lover.

Weaved aims to quicken IoT design with customized modules
At the 2015 CES, Weaved Inc. took wraps off a precertified line of IoT hardware modules for lighting, smart plugs, cameras, and routers, with more to come later in the year.

NXP reveals its sub-GHz wireless car key IC at CES
At the 2015 CES, NXP unveiled a new sub-GHz wireless smart-car access chip integrating passive keyless entry, a RF transmitter for remote control, and an immobilizer in one package.

Five Bluetooth Body Area Network devices at CES
At a media showcase at the International CES the most interesting devices kept Bluetooth out of the air and close to the body in wearables, fitness and medical applications

Qualcomm pushes cars, health and IoT at CES
Qualcomm came to the International CES promoting its partnerships in key growth areas in automotive infotainment, wearable health devices and the Internet of Things.

CES Unveiled Slides: robots. wearable patches, plugs and Bluetooth
At 2015 CES Unveiled pre-show for the news media, two trends emerged: more wearables pitched for better accuracy and more gateway products designed to allow Bluetooth Low Energy-equipped gadgets to talk to a WiFi router at home or directly with the Internet.

Display fonts could set consumer IoT devices apart
Aesthetically pleasing and scalable typefaces might be what makes one consumer IoT wearable device stand out from the others says Monotype Imaging Holdings at CES 2015.

Broadcom goes pedal to the metal in automotive
At CES 2015, Broadcom Corp. showed its commitment to its automotive initiative with two auto-grade chips: an Ethernet physical layer transceiver IC and a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip.

Nvidia drives Tegra to TFlops in automotive and mobile
Nvidia kicked off International CES 2015 with three major announcements for mobile and automotive computing.

2015 CES Hotspots: IoT, robots and ultra-hi def TV
At the 2015 International CES in Las Vegas expect to see attention paid to ultra-high definition television, consumer wearable smartwatches, the Internet of Things and robotics.

CES: Broadcom debuts automotive Near Field Communications chip
Broadcom Corporation has expanded its connected car device offerings with the introduction of its new BCM89095 automotive-grade Near Field Communications (NFC) chip.

CES: PNI Sensor launches first Smartwatch-sized wearable dev kit
PNI Sensor Corp. today introduced SENtrode, the first wearable development kit integrating sensors, PNI’s SENtral sensor hub, sensor fusion algorithms, programmable processor, and wireless capabilities into a bracelet-sized form factor.

CES: Skylink debuts Wireless PowerHub for ultimate home control
Skylink has introduced the Wireless PowerHub, an intelligent power strip that allows users to turn off stand-by power, as well as control lighting and small appliances through the use of a remote control.

CES: Bosch Sensortec launches combo MEMS solution
Bosch Sensortec’s BME680 environmental sensor integrates a gas sensor with best-in-class air pressure, humidity and ambient air temperature sensing functions within a single 3.0 x 3.0 mm² footprint package.

CES: Broadcom announces New 5G WiFi Chips and SoCs 
Broadcom Corporation has announced an expanded portfolio of 5G WiFi chips and system-on-chip (SoC) devices for high performance and mass market retail routers, wireless cable/DSL/PON gateways and set-top boxes (STBs).

CES: GreenPeak launches next-gen ZigBee radio chip and GPM6000 modules
GreenPeak Technologies has launched the new GP691 ZigBee communication controller chip and GPM6000 integrated ZigBee Modules for Smart Home and IoT networks and devices.

CES: Broadcom introduces most power-efficient automotive Ethernet chip
Broadcom Corporation's new BroadR-Reach automotive Ethernet chip is optimized for use in low-power automotive applications.

Broadcom integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, and NFC into single dev kit
Broadcom Corporation has integrated near field communication (NFC) into its Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) software development kit (SDK).

Ultra-low power Whisper architecture advances connectivity IP in IoT, wearables
Imagination Technologies has announced the new Ensigma Series4 Whisper low-power radio processing unit (RPU) architecture, designed specifically for next-generation ultra-low power, cost-sensitive devices.

Tiny, low-power Android GPU targets wearables, IoT
A new PowerVR graphics processor IP core from Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) provides what the company claims is the industry’s smallest Android-compatible GPU solution.

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